“Danial Jarvo” who try to invade the pitch, was arrested after colliding with“Jonny Bairstow”


As we know and we have also seen that every time in the match of “India vs England” a person used to suddenly come to the field and try to play as a player. The surrounding security guards used to pick him up and throw him outside, but he still kept trying to enter the field.

He did this three to four times. But it was quite a joke for him, but when Friday’s match at the Oval, a man identified as Daniel and who had links to the British media and also had a channel on YouTube, the man was in the middle of the field. When he collided with Jonny Bairstow, he was later arrested for assault and hitting.

He was also known as a pitch invader. Because Daniel used to enter suddenly on the field and stop the players from playing the game in the current match and it was absolutely a joke for him. But this joke is called a joke to an extent, but after coming to an extent, it raises the concern of security.

Daniel Jarvis did not do this for the first time that due to “India vs England” he used to come suddenly in the match and harass players. But he has done this many times and because of this people took it as a joke. But when Daniel hit and pushed Jonny Bairstow on Friday, he was later arrested for pushing and colliding with the batsman. This person is also on YouTube and has links with UK media houses.

On Friday, which was being held in London Friday between “India vs England”, Daniel suddenly came running in the middle of the field and he was trying to bowl, He suddenly collide with Jonny Bairstow and also tried to snatch the bat from his hand. Due to this, he also pushed Jonny Bairstow, in no time, the guards of the security staff ran to the ground and they picked up and threw Daniel Jarvis out.

Daniel Jarvis not only came to the ground running but he also came running near the pitch and has done so in the last two matches as well. India showed a strong protest regarding this and also complained to the British Cricket Board. Due to this, Virat Kohli also talked a little serious with the umpire of this match and Virat Kohli also said that this incident can raise questions related to security.

London Police arrested Daniel Jarvis on Friday 3 September and were held at the South London Police Station. The Metropolitan Police recorded a statement that the man, identified as Daniels, had been arrested after having collision with Jonny Bairstow and attempted to stop the game in the middle. Along with this, the Metropolitan Police said that Daniel will remain in custody for a few days.

Daniel did the same in the second test match and dressed like a player, suddenly entered the field and claimed to be a player. Due to this also the security staff picked him out and gave him a check.

Former Indian Cricket Batsman Wasim Jaffer also commented and called it very unethical and he complained that it is a big flaw in the security arrangement.

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