She Earned the huge respect: Smriti Mandhana on Punam Raut’s decision to walk out.


The Indian Women’s Cricket Team is having a Day and Night Pink Ball Test match with the Australian Women’s Cricket Team, during the second day of the same Test match, Poonam Rawat played the match very patiently at the Oval in Queensland and in 165 balls.

Got out after scoring 36 runs. This is India’s number three bowler, Poonam Rawat was dismissed by Sophie Molineux.

But the atmosphere got a little heated when Poonam Rawat was put a save pouch by Sophie Molineux, and at the same time the entire Australian cricket team appealed together.

The umpire did not accept this appeal but at the same time Poonam Rawat left the field without umpire decision. Many people also appreciated Poonam Rawat on this matter.

But some people told him so much on this that Poonam Raut should not have left the match without umpire’s decision on the basis of his own decision, considering himself out in the middle.

And some people called this decision right. People taunted that at least they should have waited for the DRS’s decision, as it was not proved whether the ball actually hit the edge of the bat or not.

When Smriti Mandhana did not respond about it, she said, “Our first reaction was hey why did he do this, did he get any edge? But it was found that Poonam did so by giving preference to sportsmanship.

When she felt that she was out on the basis of her decision, she thought it right to come out of the field without waiting for the decision of the umpire.

Anyway, Poonam Rawat comes to play the Indian Women’s cricket team at number three, and because of this she has got a lot of respect and what she has done today only explains why she has got so much respect. He deserves this honour.

Giving further information, Smriti Mandhana said, “I do not know how many people will do this in cricket in today’s time. Be it men’s cricket team or women’s cricket team, whoever happens to be a player, goes out of the field even after the umpire declares out. But if DRS are not there then he does not go.

I don’t know how much people will accept this thing in today’s time. And will follow this sportsmanship. But Poonam has done this so we should respect her, because she has earned a lot of respect.

When Poonam Rawat immediately left the match after being appealed for out during her match, people on social media appreciated Poonam Rawat very much. People said that, “It is a big deal for any player to leave without the decision of DRS, relying on sportsmanship.” Smriti Mandhana also supported Poonam Rawat on this matter.

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Naman Shukla



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