New Zealand Cricket Player Salaries 2024: What Are the Earnings of New Zealand Cricketers?

In New Zealand, cricket isn’t just a game – it’s a big part of life. People there love it and feel strongly about it. The New Zealand cricket team has done well around the world. They’re known for being good at the game. Ever wonder how much these players get paid? Well, let’s talk about it!

Lots of fans want to know how much their favorite cricket stars earn. There’s more to it than just playing the game – there’s money stuff going on behind the scenes too. So, let’s take a look at what New Zealand cricket players make, including their salaries, bonuses for matches, and who’s earning the most.

Salaries of New Zealand Cricket Players in 2024

In 2024, New Zealand cricket players get paid for playing matches for their country. They receive money for each type of match they play, like Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

For a Test match, they get about USD 6,600 (NZD 10,250), for an ODI, they get around USD 2,500 (NZD 4,000), and for a T20I, it’s about USD 1,607 (NZD 2,500). These payments show how much the players contribute on the field and help them earn more money. Also, some players have central contracts with New Zealand Cricket for the 2024 season.

Test Match Salary for New Zealand Cricketers:

CricketerSalary (USD)Salary (INR)Salary (NZD)
Finn Allen$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Ajaz Patel$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Tom Blundell$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Devon Conway$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Michael Bracewell$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Matt Henry$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Mark Chapman$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Lockie Ferguson$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Kyle Jamieson$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Tom Latham$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Adam Milne$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Daryl Mitchell$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Henry Nicholls$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Glenn Phillips$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Mitchell Santner$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Tim Southee$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Ish Sodhi$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Neil Wagner$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Blair Tickner$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD
Kane Williamson$6,600548,396.31 INR11,184.54 NZD

ODIs Salary for New Zealand Cricketers:

Here is the information presented in a table:

Cricketers NamesType of ContractsSalary in USDSalary in INRSalary in NZD
Finn AllenCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Ajaz PatelCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Tom BlundellCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Devon ConwayCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Michael BracewellCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Matt HenryCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Mark ChapmanCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Lockie FergusonCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Kyle JamiesonCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Tom LathamCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Adam MilneCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Daryl MitchellCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Henry NichollsCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Glenn PhillipsCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Mitchell SantnerCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Tim SoutheeCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Ish SodhiCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Neil WagnerCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Blair TicknerCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57
Kane WilliamsonCentral contracts2,500207,725.884,236.57

T20Is Salary for New Zealand Cricketers:

Here are the salaries of New Zealand cricket players for T20Is:

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in USDSalary in INRSalary in NZD
Finn AllenCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Ajaz PatelCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Tom BlundellCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Devon ConwayCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Michael BracewellCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Matt HenryCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Mark ChapmanCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Lockie FergusonCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Kyle JamiesonCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Tom LathamCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Adam MilneCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Daryl MitchellCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Henry NichollsCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Glenn PhillipsCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Mitchell SantnerCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Tim SoutheeCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Ish SodhiCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Neil WagnerCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Blair TicknerCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27
Kane WilliamsonCentral contracts1,607133,526.192,723.27

Top Earner: Highest Salary in New Zealand Cricket

Kane Williamson is the highest-paid cricketer in New Zealand when you consider both his central contract and match fees. This shows how talented and skilled he is as the Kiwi team captain.

The money situation for New Zealand cricketers gives us an interesting view of how important their skills and commitment to the sport are. They get a regular payment called a retainer, and they also earn money for each match they play, which rewards their hard work on the field.

These financial rewards encourage players to give their best and keep representing New Zealand proudly worldwide as the sport grows in popularity here. Apart from their accomplishments, the salaries of New Zealand cricketers show how much the millions of cricket fans in the country value and support them.

Cricketer NamesSalary in USDSalary in INRSalary in NZD
Kane Williamson$308,855.5525,662,951.88 INR523,396 NZD

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