All about ICC T20 World Cup 2021

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The ICC T20 World Cup 2021 has come again after 5 years, and it is going to start again on 17 October. So from tomorrow, this match will be held. This will be a complete series of the Men’s T20 World Cup. In which 16 teams will play among themselves to prove themselves big, and all the games will be played in the spirit of the game and will not be played with the spirit of enmity.

The ICC T20 World Cup 2021, starting on 7 October, will mainly start in Oman and will end in Dubai with the finals match to be held on 14 November. And the final match will be played in Dubai. It’s impossible to tell right now when the two greatest kids’ teams will finally clash and which team will be the winner.

If we talk about the ICC T20 World Cup held before the ICC Cricket World Cup 2021, then West Indies had illuminated their name in it. And West Indies player Carlos Brathwaite hit 4 sixes in the last balls of the over to help West Indies win the second Men’s T20 World Cup trophy. And because of this, Carlos Brathwaite got his name written in golden letters in the stories of cricket.

West Indies have won the ICC T20 World Cup twice and for now, West Indies will have to face a lot of problems, because West Indies will be the first team to be dropped for defending their position. She will probably be out of the tournament, it will not be easy for her to do so but if 15 of her high-quality players fail to play then she will get her name out of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021.

How will tournament be placed?

The way the tournament takes place is divided into three phases and we will understand it round-by-round.

Round No. 1 The teams participating in the first round will be divided into two groups, and the top two teams from those two teams will advance to the Super 12, and currently the round robin i.e. Round No. 1 includes Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Group A and Group B teams in round number 1 will enter the top team of group A and the second top team of group B will enter Super 12, and they will enter group number 1 of Super 12. And after this, the second number top team of Group A and the top team of Group B will enter Group 2 of Super 12.

After coming to Super 12, the teams will start knocking out and after that two groups of Super 12 will play among themselves, and many matches will be played between them, in which the first tournament will be played with host India and the remaining 7 separate. which will be at the top of the MRF Tire ICC Rankings. And with this, there will be a match of qualifiers of round one.

Important dates

If we know about the main dates of ICC Cricket World Cup 2021, then it will be a lot.

Of these, October 17 is the main date.

ICC T20 World Cup 2000 will be started on 17 October

October 22 is the main date

Because round 1 will end on 22 October and all the matches to be held in round 1 will be completed.

October 23 is the main date

The Super 12 phase will start on 23 October and that is why it is a very important date and in this phase, there will be a match between India and Pakistan.

November 8 is also the main date

On November 8, the Super 12 phase will come to a complete end after which the semi-finals will be played.

November 10 and November 11 have the main date.

The semi-final matches will be played on November 10 and 11, with each from the Super 12 group as two teams will go to play the semi-finals.

14 November is also a very important date.

Number 14 is a very important date as the final match will take place on this day and the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will end.

Teams participating in ICC T20 World Cup

The teams participating in the ICC T20 World Cup are divided according to the group and there are many teams in Group A and Group B, whose names are Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, and Namibia, which are included in the group.

Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, and Oman are included in Group B.

Two groups of super 12

Two groups of Super 12 have also been formed Group-1 and Group-2.

England, Australia, South Africa, & West Indies these four teams are included in Group A.

India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Afghanistan are included in Group B.