Which gloves are the best for wicket keeping?

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Wicket keeping gloves: A wicket keeper is the only player on the fielding team who wears gloves. Their main job is to catch the ball when the batsman misses it or when it’s thrown to them. Wicket keepers use special gloves designed for their role. However, when they’re batting, they wear a different pair of gloves because wicket keeping gloves are quite different from batsman’s gloves.

One big difference is that wicket keeping gloves have the thumb and adjoining finger area attached, and they are much larger than batsman’s gloves. The surface area of wicket keeping gloves is also larger because keepers need a bigger area to catch the ball comfortably, no matter how fast it’s coming at them.

In the rest of this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 best wicket keeping cricket gloves in different categories.

Wicket keeping gloves

ADIDAS Wicket Keeping Gloves PELLARA 3.0

Adidas Cricket, a well-known and trusted brand in cricket, recently introduced the impressive Pallera 3.0 wicket keeping gloves along with XT 1.0 inner gloves.

These gloves feature premium PU material on the back and octopus rubber on the palm, ensuring a strong grip. Lightweight PU fingers with fiber inserts on the top two fingers provide extra protection.

The included inner gloves are exceptional, crafted from sheepskin leather with a metallic synthetic material. Many professionals prefer them for their unique and comfortable design, offering excellent protection during long hours of play. They also come with a durable towel wrist grip for added comfort and additional finger protection, making them great for practice as well.

CW IKON Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

CW IKON is a top-rated brand on Amazon known for high-quality cricket wicket keeping gloves that are built to last.

Their white-red wicket keeping gloves come with protective inner gloves. These gloves are crafted from premium leather to prevent rubbing and absorb shock, providing a comfortable grip on the ball.

They feature a generously-sized catching pocket for a secure grip to avoid missing catches. The gloves are well-padded on the inside, offering added protection to the fingers with comfortable cushioning. They are suitable for both youth and adult players thanks to their high-quality natural cup and palm design.

What’s more, these gloves are available at an affordable price on Amazon, so don’t miss out – grab your comfortable pair today.

CW Crown Wicket Keeper Gloves

CW Crown Wicket Keeper Gloves, a top-selling product on Amazon, offer features similar to CW IKON wicket keeping gloves.

Crafted from high-quality leather, these gloves are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. They come with extra padding on the inside for improved cushioning and enhanced protection during gameplay.

What sets these gloves apart is the rubber cups inside each finger, ensuring a strong grip and safeguarding against unexpected impacts. Additionally, they feature cushioned cuffs with leather on the front face, providing an excellent grip on the ball during wicket keeping.

Highly recommended online and a must-have for aspiring cricketers worldwide.

SS Catcher Wicket Keeping Gloves

SS, a renowned cricket equipment manufacturer, is known for delivering top-quality materials in all their cricket gear, and the SS Catcher premium wicket keeping gloves are no exception.

These gloves are crafted from premium leather and are suitable for use at any level, whether it’s club cricket or county matches. They feature PVC-covered pre-shaped plastazote fingers with fiber inserts on the top two front fingers for added protection. The rubberized palms ensure a strong grip and sport a unique design.

Available in a stylish blue color and weighing just 350 grams, these gloves cater to both left-handed and right-handed players. With a consumer rating of 3.7 stars, they’re an ideal choice for aspiring cricketers looking for quality gear.

WHITEDOT CAMO Wicket Keeping Gloves

Whitedot has introduced a unique pair of wicket keeping gloves featuring a stylish camouflage print design, adding both aesthetics and durability to the mix.

These gloves are available in Boys (Junior), Youth, and Adult sizes on Amazon, making them suitable for various age groups. Despite being a recent addition to the market, they have quickly gained popularity as a hot-selling item. Crafted from top-notch leather and equipped with tricolour power grip rubber on the palm and high-quality PVC cuffs, these gloves combine durability with functionality. Despite their newness, they offer impressive durability and boast exquisite product quality.

SG Tournament Wicket Keeping Gloves

SG stands out as a leading brand in the cricket world, trusted and preferred globally for cricket equipment.

Their latest offering, the SG Tournament Wicket Keeping Gloves for men, sets itself apart with its remarkable lightweight design, weighing just 200 grams. These gloves redefine the comfort of wearing gloves.

Inside, they feature padded cushions and finger-top cups for added protection, ensuring your hands are safeguarded during wicket keeping. The premium quality leather palm provides a secure grip, ensuring you won’t miss that crucial catch during intense game moments.

RMAX Unisex Rubber & PVC Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

Introducing RMAX’s Unisex Rubber & PVC cricket wicket keeping gloves, incredibly lightweight at just 200 grams and sporting an attractive green and purple color combo.

These gloves feature an elasticated wrist with a convenient touch and close Velcro fastening, offering robust foam protection for the dominant hand’s thumb. They also provide exceptional palm ventilation through a perforated design, ensuring comfort even in the heat.

Designed for right-handers and boasting a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, these gloves are highly regarded. Plus, they are suitable for both men and women, making them a versatile choice for all cricket enthusiasts.

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TotallyCricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

TotallyCricket’s wicket keeping gloves have been a trusted choice in the market for nearly a decade, thanks to their extensive experience and commitment to quality.

What sets these gloves apart is the inclusion of octopus suction rubber on the palm, ensuring an excellent grip for wicketkeepers during matches. With PU construction and rubber fingertips, they prioritize comfort and protection, allowing keepers to catch vigorously without worry.

Inside, a cotton lining effectively absorbs sweat, keeping your hands dry throughout the game for an optimal wicket-keeping experience. While they may not be the absolute best, they are undoubtedly a reliable and secure choice.

SG RSD Prolite Wicket Keeping Gloves

SG, a top-notch cricket equipment provider, has gained recognition as the #5 choice for wicket keeping gloves with their RSD Prolite model.

These gloves are tailored for intermediate-level players aged 15 and above. They offer softness, flexibility, and an added PP sheet for improved ball grip during wicket keeping. These gloves are lightweight and easy to slip your hands into, designed to fit comfortably without constant adjustments during gameplay.

With an impressive 4.1-star rating and the endorsement of several cricket legends, SG is a trusted companion on the path to cricketing glory.

KOOKABURRA SC 4.1 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Kookaburra, a reputable brand in the world of cricket, offers tough competition to SG. They present the Unisex SC 4.1 Wicket Keeping Gloves in a vibrant multicolor option for adults.

These gloves feature a premium PU lining in the palm for exceptional grip. The backhand is made of premium PVC with a K-Flex Support Patch, making it a standout choice. Alongside the super-soft brushed cotton lining providing comfort, there’s a Web-strap compliant with law 40.2, designed to improve catching and enhance your experience. The foam padding inside adds the finishing touch, making these gloves a great purchase.

Notably, these gloves also come equipped with Kookaburra’s ‘standard’ rubber palm for efficient ball grip.


These are the top cricket wicket keeping gloves that offer quality within your budget and include a combo set of inner cricket gloves. We trust this article has assisted you in making the right choice for your wicket keeping needs by providing all the essential information and features.