Cricket rules for Beginners; Some basic Fundamentals of Cricket.

Today we will talk about basic Fundamentals of Cricket. Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world today. Today, cricket is played by more than 20 countries at the international level, and more than 50 big and huge countries play cricket in their country for entertainment.

If we talk about its fan following, then more than 2 billion people want cricket with their hearts in today’s time. That is why in this growing environment of cricket, there are many people who want to learn and play cricket but they have little idea about what are the rules of cricket, which should be kept in mind while playing it.

That’s why today we will tell you some basic rules of cricket that you should keep in mind while playing cricket.

So let’s start-

Simple Rules of Cricket

  • The game of cricket has 5 main components, which include bat, ball, wicket, ball, and stump.
  • There are different types of rules in the five components of this cricket, which should be kept in mind while playing cricket, such as while playing cricket, the most important condition is that cricket is played between two teams. Cricket can be practiced alone but it is played with 2 teams.
  • There are 11-11 players in both the teams. Sometimes 8 players are included in the teams connected for practice.
  • Only the fielding team will always come to bowl and the batting team will always bat.

The fielding team will have certain duties

  • The player of the fielding team will try to get the bowler out while batting.
  • The player of the fielding team will try not to miss the opportunity to catch the batsman out.
  • If the bowler’s ball hitting the batsman’s feet is in the direction of the wicket, then the batsman is considered out lbw.
  • In front of the batsman and the person who is running to take runs, to get out the stumps on his side will have to be out, that is, the bats on those stumps will have to be dropped.

While batting, some rules will be set for the batsman as well-

  • A run will be awarded to the batsman after the batsman has covered the running distance between the 1st wicket to the 2nd wicket after pushing the ball.
  • If the batsman sends the ball outside the boundary of the ground, then the batsman will get 4 runs.
  • If the batsman hits the ball hard and throws it through the air passage outside the boundary of the ground, then the batsman will get 6 runs.
  • The fielding team will have to either dismiss 10 batsmen to play their turn, or they will have to complete their playing overs.
  • It should be the effort of the fielding team that the batting team should be able to score minimum runs so that they can feel comfortable converting that low score.

Skills Required to Play Cricket

  • To play cricket, it is very important to have some screen, because the game of cricket goes alone for entertainment. But the game of cricket is also played to show its ability. That is why it is necessary that it is mandatory to have some skill in cricket.
  • To play cricket, there should be good coordination and good coordination in the whole team.
  • The person should have the skill of throwing the ball and catching the ball and batting.
  • Good fielding skills should be in any cricket player, because a batsman may or may not score runs but a good fielder always saves runs.
  • Sometimes participation in long games requires good concentration so that the focus can be on winning the match.

Things needed to play cricket

  • To play the game of cricket, first you need 2 teams. It is necessary to have 11-11 or 8-8 players in both the teams.
  • After this, you will need a ball that does not bounce too much.
  • After this you will need a strong wooden bat.
  • After this you will need a big circular cricket ground where you can play the game of cricket properly.
  • After that you will definitely need an umpire who should not necessarily be from both the teams.
  • After this you will need a stump set consisting of 6 sticks and 4 bats which will be placed on either side of the cricket pitch.
  • After this, you will mainly need a helmet and an elgard for safety reasons.

After all this you can start playing your match.