Former batsman Ajay Jadeja raised questions on making Mahendra Singh Dhoni a mentor.

Fans of the Indian cricket team were overjoyed to mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the T20 World Cup and expressed their happiness on social media and everywhere. The BCCI has sent all its players from a chartered plane to the UAE for the IPL match starting from September 19. Announcement of the teams for the ICC T20 World Cup starting from October 17 in which BCCI Secretary Ajay Shah also said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will also have to play the role of mentor in the team and help India win the ICC World Cup 2021.

You have to help your team. For this, he will play the role of mentor and will contribute his contribution to India’s victory and he will try that Indian players who have played under the umbrella of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and are still learning a lot, will play under the mentorship of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Aiming for victory, we will win the ICC T20 World Cup.

But on this, former Indian cricket player Ajay Jadeja, who has also been a former batsman of India’s cricket team, targeted this and said that he does not understand what is “the plan” behind making Mahendra Singh Dhoni the mentor of the team. Commenting on Sony Sports Network, Ajay Jadeja said, “I am wondering what could be the reason that led to Dhoni being made a mentor? I am not questioning the usefulness of the understanding that Dhoni has, I am not going on that way. But what is it that Ravindra Jadeja was sent ahead of being Ajinkya. It’s impossible for me to understand. I have been wondering for 2 days why this was done.

Ajay Jadeja told all this on Sony Sports Network.

Ajay Jadeja said that his intention is not behind raising questions on making Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a mentor, but his intention is behind understanding why Mahendra Singh Dhoni was made a mentor. He is asking this question out of curiosity.

Ajay Jadeja further said that there is no bigger fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni than him but he is still surprised. He believes that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is already the captain who made a captain for the cricket team before his retirement. He said that I am a big fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Ajay Jadeja also emphasized that India has done well under the leadership of Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri. For this, there is no need to have a separate mentor in the upcoming World Cup which is going to be held on October 17.

Ajay Jadeja said that Virat Kohli has taken Indian cricket to a different place. We have a coach, Ravi Shastri, who has taken the team to the number one position in the world. But what happened overnight was that we needed a consultant. This thought bothers me a lot.

Ajay Jadeja said all this while talking on the Sony Star Sports channel.

Ajay Jadeja said that the Indian cricket I am watching works in a completely different way. Mahendra Singh used to play differently from Dhoni. Virat Kohli plays differently. Mahendra Singh Dhoni used to play the role of spinners, he never allowed four fast bowlers to play together. It would also be wrong to say that only the fast bowlers did what happened to Indian cricket in England. But the role of the fast bowlers was too much. Virat Kohli thinks differently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni thinks differently. Maybe it is an attempt to combine these two.

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