Former New Zealand player’s scathing attack on Raina said Suresh Raina cheated Dhoni

Image Credit Twitter- @ImRaina

A lot of news related to Suresh Raina can be seen on the internet today. Suresh Raina was the superstar of the Indian cricket team, and he was also recognized as the fourth-highest run-scorer in the IPL. And he had scored 5528 runs in his last played 205 matches. By doing this he had won everyone’s heart. And because of this, his initial price in IPL started from 2 crores.

But the shock came when no IPL franchise bought such a handsome player. Suresh Raina has also said about this that, we have given our whole life to cricket. And still, we have a lot of cricket left in us.

That is why the management or the selectors who organize the cricket tournament should pay attention to the fact that we have given our life to cricket, so our life should not be played with. But cricket is big, and we have enough cricket left in us, with us we will do something very good.

On top of this, former New Zealand cricket team player and brilliant batsman Simon Daull said that Suresh Raina has cheated Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And he also cheated Chennai Super Kings. In the meantime, he mentioned the IPL tournament played inside the UAE in 2020.

Along with this, he also mentioned the IPL tournament played in 2021 and told where Suresh Raina betrayed Mahendra Singh Dhoni and team management of the Chennai Super Kings team by showing arrogance. Suresh Raina has cheated Chennai Super Kings as a player of Chennai Super Kings, due to which Chennai Super Kings did not buy Suresh Raina in the IPL Mega Auction of 2022.

 Simon Doull further said that there could be two or three reasons why Suresh Raina was left unsold in the IPL, one of which is that Suresh Raina betrayed the team when the team needed him the most. He told that in 2020 when Chennai Super Kings was performing very well, Suresh Raina left the team in the middle of the personal region and went to his home.

On top of this, some things also came to the fore that he has had some quarrels with the team management. Because of this, the team management was also not very happy with him. Soon after, Chennai Super Kings failed to win the IPL tournament of 2020, and thus Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was betrayed by Suresh Raina and committed infidelity with them.

He did not perform very well in the 2021 tournament as well. And in the 2021 tournament, he scored only 160 runs in 12 matches. It was very disappointing. And as a result, he was sure not to be elected.

Suresh Raina was a very big batsman on the Indian cricket team and was a big player. Suresh Raina is a Kashmiri Pandit who lives in the Rainawari area of Srinagar. And today Suresh Raina lives in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. And he also has an elder brother named Dinesh Raina,

Suresh Raina started playing for India in 2005, and in 2018 he announced his retirement along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Suresh Raina has played 18 Test matches so far in Test matches, in which he has scored 768 runs. Apart from this, he has played 226 ODI matches in ODI matches where he has scored 5615 runs. In T20 matches too, he has played 78 T20 matches where he scored 1605 runs. And in first-class cricket, he has played 109 matches where he has scored 6871 runs.

This statement of a former player of the New Zealand cricket team on such a player, due to which the Indian cricket team has been losing many times, is very shocking. But no statement has come from Mahendra Singh Dhoni or any other Chennai Super Kings players on this. Nor has the statement of the selected and management of Chennai Super Kings come on it.