IPL will not be played behind closed doors; fans will come back to the stadium in UAE

This time very good news has come for India from UAE, where cricket fans are expressing a lot of happiness this time as well as people from back in the stadium during the tournament in IPL 2020 starting back on 19th September in UAE.

The return will be made, people will be welcomed in the stadium. This time IPL will not be closed doors.

In the event of an infection spread due to COVID-19, when fans were being asked from the USA and BCCI whether people would be allowed inside the stadium in the UAE or not, then the BCCI has asked the United Arab Emirates on this.

Spoke to the Sports Minister later and this conversation was going on for the last one week. But in the end this series of things got the fruit.

It was decided on 15 September that this time in IPL 2021, fans will entertain themselves with the game by sitting in the stadium, not only on TV, and this time due to the improvement in the situation of COVID-19, people will be welcomed in the stadium.

Giving information, the Sports Minister of UAE said that this time the IPL will not be held behind closed doors and players will be driven back to the stadium with limited limits, where people will be filled in the stadium following all the parameters of COVID-19.

After exactly one year from the year 2019 onwards, Indian IPL fans will again sit in the stadium and enjoy the IPL games.

The Vivo Indian Premier League 2021, starting on September 19, will be played between five-time champions Mumbai Indians and three-time champions Chennai Super Kings.

This match will be very important as people will be welcomed in the stadium after a year due to the improving situation of COVID-19.

The IPL match, starting on 19 September, will be played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. This match will go to Sharjah Stadium. Sharjah Stadium has limited seating area and the government of the United Arab Emirates will provide seating facilities to the people keeping in mind the rules of the COVID-19 protocol.

When the last IPL match was played in the UAE, then this match was done in an empty stadium, but this time the tournament will be held in the filled stadium, the remaining 32 matches of IPL 2021 will be completed from September 19.

The tournament was canceled on 3 May 2021 and suspended indefinitely. But from now on it is being restarted due to inactivity of COVID-19 on May 3, many more members including the franchise players were also found positive for COVID-19, due to which IPL 2021 was suspended indefinitely.

But this time again the match of IPL has been started, under which the matches of IPL 2021 will start from September 19.

With this, it will be special in the last IPL match and the current IPL match that this time people will get a chance to watch the game not only by sitting in front of the TV but also on live match that they can watch in front of everybody.

There was a wave of happiness among the supporters of IPL about this news, this time IPL match will not be played behind closed doors and to a limited extent people will be able to go to the stadium to watch IPL match. Discussion was going on between the UAE Sports Minister and the BCCI for several days to get permission for this.

Credit- Hindustantimes.com