Life will be very challenging in Ashes Test series: David Warner

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Australian cricket team player and opening batsman David Warner told everyone about some of the challenges he faced while playing for his country, and discussed about it. Australia’s opening batsman David Warner discussed about some of the challenges in the way Australia and England are going to be in it.

The family of England cricket team may have some problems in the Ashes Test series to be held in Gabba, Australia, and about this, the England cricket team has spoken about it many times expressing its concern and today David Warner has talked about it all. Told and discussed about it.

David Warner said that, “When it comes to the bubble, then we should look at the challenges ahead and we should also look at it from the perspective of England in a way. And their point of view should be respected. And now if we talk about Australia, then many absurd questions are being asked from Australia. A protective situation has been created by the government.” This was done in the Sydney Morning Herald.

We have gone through the last season and as we have seen in going from one country to another, different types of planning have to be done, and hard work has to be done, hard work has to be done. I know and understand what the England team must be going through and the difficulties they must be facing and the trouble their children will be in.

And if we come to the issue of Ashes Test series, when David Warner was asked about it, David Warner said that at this time we are very confident and our focus is towards winning the Ashes Test series, and our focus We will not let you go astray at any cost.

Things are a little different at the moment and I have always been a supporter of the England cricket team and have always respected their hard work. England cricket team has always played bravely, they have made a lot of changes in their game and in the last 12 months we can see the change in their game and they have made themselves stronger. And the brothers are probably doing this so that they can get success, David Warner said after this.

According to David Warner, the pitch of Australia is currently in favor of the England cricket team and at this time if England plays the Ashes Test match against Australia, then they can get more chances to score more runs because the condition of the pitch is like this at the moment.

The England cricket team is looking in good form at the moment and their ability to take wickets while batting and bowling is highly commendable. He is playing the way we thought but his improvement has surprised me a lot, and being a part of this game, you look at all the issues and recognize all the dimensions.

There has been a lot of talk about the Ashes Test series, and still the England cricket team has not decided whether to go to Australia to play the Ashes Test series or not. Because if they go in this situation then they will have to leave their family in England and if they go with their family then their family will also be treated the same as is to be done with England cricket team.