Martin Guptill confident of playing very well: T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit Twitter- @Martyguptill

The next match of New Zealand cricket team is going to be with Pakistan cricket team. New Zealand cricket team’s opening batsman Martin Guptill has not been able to score very well in his last several matches. He has scored only 126 runs in his 9 innings so far, and in 9 innings he has played the game at a run rate of 14.

His confidence that he will be able to play very well for New Zealand comes from the experience of the T20 World Cup 2016, where he performed very well, and played his innings as a very good batsman Martin Guptill in the 2016 World Cup. He was the highest run scorer. He scored 140 runs in 4 innings in the 2016 T20 World Cup, and he scored at a strike rate of 57, and his average was 35 runs, which is a good run rate.

Martin Guptill said that I know that my last few matches have not gone very well, and I understand my past very well.

To this, Martin Guptill said, “In the last World Cup, I was the single highest run-scorer who had scored the most runs in all the tournaments, and on the basis of my own tournament, I believe in handling my experience. I can say that, I will be able to play very well, I have done this before, so I feel like I can do it again, and I am focusing more on playing matches, and I am looking forward Am. I am doing my work, and I think everything will be completed in a positive way.”

New Zealand had scored 30 runs in the warm-up match against Australia, and 41 against England, and this performance was only in the warm-up match.

Martin Guptill said that I do not think it is not too bad. I feel that I should give some more time, and I have faced 20 balls in both my warm-up matches, and I have also done well in the unofficial warm-up match that was played with the Netherlands.

I think it’s a good start and my role in it will be great, I’ll make a good start, and I’ll try and get my team to win. And I can give my 100 percent.

I feel like I am a senior player in my team, and I have played more than 300 cricket games for New Zealand. I have also seen some matches which are very bad, but in the end all the matches were enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed every game. I have also captained the New Zealand cricket team. Captaining brings a slight different power. In which we start feeling a little more burden on our shoulders. I haven’t had a chance to feel this burden in the last few years, and I wouldn’t want to in the future. The main game is about to start soon, and I really enjoyed the warm-up match.

Winning the power play to win the match has become a very common trend today, and this trend proves to be very effective in the Sharjah stadium as well, and I have seen the Sharjah stadium well, because I have played for IPL 2021. Have participated in the second phase, and I have understood very well there. We are fully prepared to play with Pakistan.

My role as an opener can be very limited, but we have to start well, we are fully aware that in Shahjahan’s first game, we did not score very well, but We have adapted to our mistakes, and we have learned from them. We will go and play more positively and perform well. We will try to score more runs in the power play.