My fans will get the chance to bid a farewell: MS Dhoni

Image Credit - IPL

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s relationship with the Chennai Super King franchise seems to be a bit hazy. Mahendra Singh Dhoni had given retirement in international cricket match in 2020, and today he is struggling very hard to score runs for the last 2 years, and even at this age he tries to run fast in the middle of the wicket. Huh. It is not known when Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire. But there is a chance that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play IPL of IPL T20 2022.

Compared to the last IPL match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has performed very well in IPL T20 2021, and Chennai Super Kings has also performed very well here compared to the previous match. But here there is still a doubt whether Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play for Chennai Super Kings in the next season also or not.

Describing his future, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that “players and spectators can get a chance to watch my last match. Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that, “If we think about my farewell, then the my fans can watch me playing even today, and I will consider it as my farewell match.

That’s how you can get a chance to watch my farewell match like this. I hope I can play my last IPL match from Chennai Super Kings, and I will be able to meet my dear fans after playing the match.” Mahendra Singh Dhoni said this while interacting with his fans at the 75 Years Celebration event of Indian Cement.

“We are a team which driven by an sophisticated  process, we completely follows it, is the process going? And we follow the process. Even our smallest plans work properly only when we do our tasks in the right way. And after this we are able to get our desired result. We know that some of our work will definitely yield some result. And that’s what helps keep us calm all the time.

Mahendra Singh dhoni love to live the current moment of the life and he advise his teammates to do so. we like to enjoy the company of our people those are with us. We know that our players have the very good capability; we can beat the team in front. But if the front team beats us, then they will have to play a lot of good cricket.”

While answering all his questions, Dhoni also answered a bizarre question when Dhoni was asked whether he would enter Bollywood? Then Dhoni said that Bollywood is not my thing.

Dhoni said, “As you know Bollywood is not my thing, I can only do the advertisement by my will, and that makes me happy but not movies because I am not made for it, but if it comes to doing a movie or a film, I am not about it. I can’t think. Because it’s not my area and I can’t even think of doing it.

I would only say that they should do the work that the stars are doing, because that’s what’s good. I will definitely do advertisements but I am not ready to do anything more than this.”