Quinton de Kock told the reason for not taking his knee down: T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit Twitter- @SahilRiz

South Africa cricket team player and brilliant batsman Quinton de Kock apologized to all his fans for not kneeling on the issue of BLA in the match on Thursday, and he also gave the reason for not kneeling.

He gave the reason for not kneeling in a very big statement, the reason for not kneeling by Quinton de Kock was told on Twitter by the official Twitter handle of South Africa cricket team.

Quinton de Kock said that if people had received education by kneeling against Racism, they would surely have taken their knees, and they would have been happy, or else their kneeling would have a good effect on someone’s life or someone’s life would be better. Had it been, they would have happily done it.

The complete statement of Quinton de Kock was that-

First of all I would like to apologize to all my fellow players and all my fans. I never wanted to make it a tension, and I fully understand that standing up to racism and standing up to apartheid is proof of being human. And I understand my responsibilities towards it very well, as a player, I am aware of my responsibilities.

If my kneeling helped someone get an education, I would have done it happily, or if it had any good effect on someone’s life, then I would have been willing to do it happily.

I didn’t do that but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to play with West Indies cricket team. I definitely wanted to play. But at that time I was not in the playing condition. And at that time we were not able to score too many runs.

First of all I apologize to all my loved ones because because of me there was so much confusion and anger, and I get myself out of this issue by apologizing to everyone with folded hands, but still I felt that I You should explain yourself a little bit.

To those who do not know, I want to tell that my family and I live in a mixed family, river step mother is black in color and my younger sister is fair complexion so that’s why black people in my eyes that my life matters from birth not because i came to play an international game

The issue of how Black people live has always been close to me, and the lives of all Black people matter to me. Because my mother is also black.

Equality and rights are most important to all people than any single person, and I have grown up, and have grown up understanding the rights of all since childhood. And I understand that all lives are necessary.

The night I had with the South Africa Cricket Board was very emotional and I think there is a lot of understanding between me and between the board and our intentions.

I just wish I could avoid what happened during the match.

I was told earlier that we have this choice and we can do whatever we want and we are free to take whatever action we think.

I kept my thinking to myself and I am proud to play for my family and my country.

I don’t understand why I have to say this, and I have to prove it with a gesture. I live with people and learn from them and I also love people. I walk with people, I know people’s lives and their needs.

When you ask me to do something and you do not even include discussion in it, it means that you are giving me orders which is dictatorial in a way.

If I were a racist, I would have lied even on my knees, which is very wrong in itself and it sends a very wrong message in the society.

The people who play with me have grown up with me first, they know what kind of person I am and what my personality is like.

Some people say that I am stupid and racist and I am immature, but I am not like that, and all these things hurt me a lot. I get hurt. Calling me a racist just because you don’t understand my feelings, it hurts me a lot. It hurts my family. It hurts my pregnant wife.

I am not a racist and those who know me believe this, and I am not a player of words, I know, but still I have tried so that you understand me in a way. And I apologize to everyone because I have confused this thing so much that it should not have been confused.

I won’t lie but when I was in the dressing room we came to know that we have to play an important match and for that we got some instructions which we had to follow then you I followed the same instruction which is probably my only one. were not taken.

We’ve camped, we’ve had sessions, we’ve had Zoom meetings, and that’s why we all know what my stand is and we are all one.

I love all my fellow players and I know that they also love me and nothing is more precious to me than love, and for this love I am playing for South Africa cricket team.

I understand that it will be enough for you to tell all this and it will be enough for me to tell you so much.

After that I would like to concentrate on my work and my game and I would like to win this tournament for my country. Whenever we go for the World Cup, we get to see some drama somewhere, this is not right.

I want the support of my teammates and especially my captain Themba because maybe people don’t know but he is an amazing leader.

If my team and Themba are included in the South Africa cricket team and join them, then I would not want anything more than this and I will play very well for my country.

-Quinton de Kock

Saying this, Quinton de Kock paused his speech and Quinton de Kock, explaining all his reasons, said that his intention was not to promote Racism. His mother himself is black in color and he lives in a mixed family since childhood.

That’s why they know that everyone’s life matters. Quinton de Kock paused his speech by saying all this.