Rashid Khan’s entry into Sussex Shark is confirmed: Sussex Shark

Image Credit Twitter- @rashidkhan_19

Rashid Khan made his debut in Sussex Sharks in 2018 and since then Rashid Khan has appeared in almost 23 appearances and has taken 26 wickets.

Rashid Khan will be the third overseas player after Travis Head and Mohammad Rizwan to join Sussex Sharks Cricket Club

Last year the Sussex Sharks were stopped due to Kovid-19, but now it is starting again, it is fully gathering a T20 squad after which it will start the T20 International cricket series of this club.

The team that going to be formed, in that team, players of a maximum of two overseas will be able to play one match at a time.

Rashid Khan is a very good bowler of the Afghanistan cricket team and he has achieved that position at the age of only 30 which is very impossible for any other player to do.

He has become the fourth player in the world today who has taken the most wickets in T20 matches.

Rashid Khan has so far taken 403 wickets in 292 T20 matches at the age of 30. And if the average is seen, it will be 17.6 runs, and at an economy rate of 6.36 runs, the dangerous player has taken 403 wickets. And Rashid Khan has also scored about 143 runs in every 100 balls so far.

After joining the Sussex Sharks, that is, after joining back, Rashid Khan said that I have always enjoyed being associated with this cricket club.

I have always played matches with this cricket club with great pleasure. And I will try more than the previous matches to have a full blast in this T20 match, and only the title of the most explosive innings should go to me.

Rashid Khan said that this squad, also known as the Sussex Sharks, looks a little different today this season, it looks like there are some important players going in, and some new ones coming in.

It is absolutely true that since last season I was very happy, and I had a lot of fun, but this time I will look at some new faces that I will probably enjoy playing with. That’s when I should become a fan of the Sussex Sharks.

James Kirtley, head coach of the Sussex Sharks, said that it is very difficult to say anything new about Rashid because Rashid Khan is a very good player.

And he is also a very good person to do business with. We are very lucky to have him working with us. And we feel so happy to know that we have built a long-standing relationship with him.

Today, Rashid Khan is the most dynamic spinner in the whole world and despite being the most dangerous spinner, he is also a dynamic player who also bats very well. We saw all this in the quarter-final match in Yorkshire and we are all witnesses to it.