Rohit Sharma take over the captaincy in ODIs White Ball Cricket.

Image Credit Twitter- @BCCI

After Virat Kohli relinquished the captaincy from T20 matches, Rohit Sharma took over in his place, and he did the job of captaining the T20 matches. And now Virat Kohli has left the captaincy even from ODI matches at this time and he wants to focus more on his batting, so he has given up captaincy from ODI matches as well.

And in his place, now Rohit Sharma will lead the Indian cricket team in Audi matches as well.

After the T20 matches, Virat Kohli has now decided to give captaincy even from audio matches. And after this, the senior selection committee of BCCI which was headed by former Indian cricket team player Chetan Sharma has declared Rohit Sharma as white-ball captain i.e. Rohit Sharma will also captain the Indian cricket team in ODI matches.

About 3 months ago, there were speculations about Virat Kohli that Virat Kohli should give up the T20 format and white-ball cricket match captaincy to focus on his batting so that he can perform well in all his formats. Can focus on his batting.

Declaring Rohit Sharma as the captain of the audio matches, the BCCI’s selection committee said that, we understand that the captaincy cannot be split for white-ball captaincy, the captain will remain the same in both formats of cricket.

Giving information, the Committee said that Virat Kohli also wants him to relinquish captaincy from both formats of cricket and he should focus more on his batting at this time.

But in this, Virat Kohli will continue to captain the Indian cricket team in Test matches because he has performed very well.

The BCCI tweeted on this and said that the All India Senior Selection Committee has decided that Mr. Rohit Sharma should be declared the captain of Kovid-19. Mr. Rohit Sharma will be captain of the ODI and T20 matches.

Giving information on this, the ICC also said that Rohit Sharma has been handed over the captaincy in the ODI match. Rohit Sharma has replaced Virat Kohli as the captain for the Audi kids in the Indian cricket team.

Some of the sources that had their eyes on the issue said that Virat Kohli’s resignation from the white ball captaincy was a smooth transition, as Virat Kohli is the most brilliant captain in ODIs since Babar Azam and many more.

There are also good players. But despite batting brilliantly, Virat Kohli has not scored a single century in his 25 Tests. And therefore we can say that due to the captaincy of Virat Kohli, his batting order is deteriorating very badly, in this also he is missing the top 5 spot in the ICC rankings.

That is why it would be a good decision that Virat Kohli should give up the captaincy even from his ODI matches and Rohit Sharma takes over the captaincy in his place and at this time it is more important for Virat Kohli to focus on his batting.