Sam Billings is completely fit and ready to play.

Image Credit Twitter- @toisports

England cricket team’s brilliant batsman Sam Billings has decided not to miss the opportunity to take part in Hobart this time. And he has also decided to take part in the white ball test as well.

At this time, Sam Billings is going to Australia by road to cover his 500-mile distance to take part in the Test match of the Ashes being held with the Australian team of England cricket team.

Forgetting his attachment with Sydney Thunder, Sam Billing went towards his house at that time. And he did not even participate in the ongoing T20 series with the West Indies cricket team of England team. But after Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow got injured, he made up his mind to take part in the Caribbean series.

And because of the same business, the Australian cricket team had changed its entire way of playing. At this time Sam Billings said that if I am needed then I am 100 percent ready. And I am sitting ready to do all my hard work.

He said this from Sydney where the England cricket team, in a very strange way, got a draw in the fourth test match. My game is in a very good position at the moment because I have been playing in the longer format for the last 3 years.

But I have been playing for a long time and I have scored very good runs. It doesn’t matter what format he belonged to. It depends on Rhythm, Confidence, and Mindset.