A list of the top 10 cricket academies around the world

Cricket Academy

Cricket has evolved from just a sport to a popular choice for women cricketers globally. With more girls getting into cricket, there’s a growing need for good training and coaching. That’s why many academies around the world focus on training young female cricketers. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cricket academies in the world.

These academies are dedicated to providing excellent cricket coaching for girls, helping them become future stars. They offer personalized training designed to meet each student’s unique needs and goals. In this article, we’ll share information about the current top 10 cricket academies in the world based on their facilities and coaching staff.

Top 10 Cricket Academies Worldwide

10. Female Cricket Academy (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

In response to numerous inquiries from all over India about girls wanting to learn cricket, Vishal Yadav saw a chance to create something special in Mumbai. This led to the creation of the Female Cricket Academy, a cricket training center exclusively for girls. They offered various courses that allowed young female cricket enthusiasts to pursue their dreams.

  • Founded in: 2017
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Academy’s Full Name: Female Cricket Academy
  • Goal: To provide a platform for young cricketers to chase their dreams.

9. Sydney Cricket Academy, (Sydney, Australia)

The Sydney Cricket Academy (SCA) is all about helping female cricket players, no matter their age or skill level, become better at the sport. They offer special coaching services like one-on-one and group training, expert coaching, and video analysis, all tailored to each player’s needs and goals.

What makes SCA special is that they let female cricketers train and play alongside top-notch male players, giving them a chance to push their skills to the next level. They have excellent facilities, including indoor and outdoor training areas, bowling machines, and advanced video analysis tools, all exclusively for female cricketers.

Apart from coaching and training, SCA hosts various events and tournaments during the year, offering female cricketers a chance to display their skills and compete at a high level.

8. Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) (Karnataka)

KIOC is a Bangalore-based cricket academy for girls founded by Mohammed Azharuddin in 1996. Their focus is on enhancing the cricket skills of their students through coaching in batting, bowling, fielding, and one-on-one sessions conducted by a team of 40 coaches.

KIOC stands out as the only full-time cricket academy in the region, giving them a unique edge. Notably, they have Indian and Karnataka cricket team players training their students, offering valuable exposure. The academy attracts students from around the world due to its world-class facilities, making it a top choice for aspiring cricket players.

Aside from top-notch coaching, KIOC provides students with various resources to help them excel. They have a well-stocked library for learning about the game’s history and tactics. They also offer modern fitness equipment to keep students in good shape.

To address the mental aspects of the sport, they offer sports psychology workshops. Additionally, KIOC organizes several tournaments throughout the year, giving students opportunities to showcase their talents and emphasizing the importance of teamwork in cricket.

7. ICC Global Academy (Dubai, UAE)

The ICC Global Academy for Women, based in Dubai, UAE, is part of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is dedicated to promoting gender equality in cricket. They offer various programs to empower women in cricket, including coaching, umpiring, scoring, and administration courses. They also provide leadership and management training, along with courses in communication, marketing, and event management.

This academy collaborates with cricket organizations worldwide to support women’s cricket at all levels and improve facilities, equipment, and coaching resources. Launched in 2019, it’s a pioneering initiative to empower women in cricket by providing them with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the sport.

6. Western Storm Academy (Bristol, UK)

The Western Storm Academy for Women, affiliated with the Western Storm women’s cricket team in Bristol, UK, supports female cricketers of all ages and skills. They offer top-notch coaching and facilities to help players reach their potential. The academy boasts experienced coaches and various training options, from one-on-one sessions to group training. Additionally, they provide specialized support services like sports science and nutrition advice to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

This academy is pioneering in its efforts to boost women’s cricket in the South West of England, making it more visible and accessible, and promoting gender equality in the sport.

5. Aryan Cricket Academy (Jaipur, India)

In 2016, Aryan Rathore, a Delhi Cricket Team player, founded the Aryan Cricket Academy with a passion for nurturing talent and fulfilling players’ cricket dreams. The academy caters to female players of all ages and skill levels, offering coaching in batting, bowling, fielding, and individualized training. They use modern coaching techniques and technology to equip students with the skills needed for cricket success.

The Aryan Cricket Academy hosts various tournaments and events during the year, providing players with opportunities to showcase their skills at a high level. They also offer scholarships to talented players facing financial challenges, ensuring equal access to their top-notch training facilities.

4. National Cricket Academy (Bengaluru, India)

The National Cricket Academy for Women (NCAW) in Bengaluru, India, founded in 2008 by the BCCI, is a leading cricket academy. It’s the first of its kind in India, offering top-notch coaching and facilities for women cricketers.

Spanning 40 acres, NCAW features a full-size cricket ground, practice pitches, indoor nets, a gym, a physiotherapy unit, a video analysis room, and player/coach accommodations. They employ cutting-edge technology, including Hawk-Eye, biomechanics, and sports science labs for scientific training and performance analysis.

NCAW’s team includes experienced coaches, including former Indian cricketers and international experts in sports science, strength, conditioning, and sports psychology. They also invite guest coaches from around the world to enhance player development.

In essence, NCAW is a world-class facility fostering women’s cricket in India, producing talented players who represent the nation on the international stage.

3. Cricket NSW Academy (Sydney, Australia)

The Cricket NSW Academy for Women in Sydney, Australia, supported by Cricket NSW, offers a range of training programs for female cricketers. These courses cover various aspects of the game, including technical, tactical, physical, and mental development through specialist training, group sessions, and private coaching. Notably, the academy has nurtured international cricket stars like Ellyse Perry, Rachael Haynes, and Alyssa Healy. It provides top-notch facilities such as indoor and outdoor practice nets, strength and conditioning equipment, and video analysis tools. Experienced coaches with a high-level cricket background offer individualized support. Besides coaching, the academy organizes tournaments, offers talent identification programs, and contributes to the growth of women’s cricket in Australia, creating a supportive environment for young female cricketers to reach their full potential through skill development.

2. Western Australia Female Academy (Perth, Australia)

The Western Australia Female Academy in Perth, founded by WACA in 2017, is an elite cricket academy for talented female athletes. It offers top-tier training and access to excellent WACA Ground facilities, including cricket grounds, practice pitches, indoor nets, and a gym. WAFA’s goal is to provide the best training and development for Western Australia’s most gifted female cricketers.

1. The Cricket Academy of Pathans (Delhi, India)

The Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP), founded by former Indian cricketers Irfan and Yusuf Pathan, introduced a women’s exclusive facility in 2020. CAP for Women offers professional coaching to females of all ages, aiming to boost women’s cricket in India and encourage more women to join the sport. The academy provides top-notch equipment and experienced coaches to offer personalized guidance and support.

Their curriculum covers all aspects of cricket, including batting, bowling, fielding, fitness, and mental strength. The academy also emphasizes teamwork and leadership skills. Besides regular coaching, CAP for Women organizes tournaments and matches, allowing players to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. Scholarships are available for talented players who face financial constraints. Overall, the Cricket Academy of Pathans for Women in Delhi offers an incredible opportunity for female cricketers to develop their skills, gain confidence, and realize their full potential, thus promoting women’s cricket in India.