Vijay Dahiya was named as assistant coach of Lucknow Franchise: IPL 2022

Image Credit Twitter- @vijdahiya

The owner of the new Lucknow team, which has joined the IPL tournament, has appointed Vijay Dahiya as the assistant coach of his team for his franchise team. That is, appointed him as the assistant coach of his team.

Vijay Dahiya has been a former batsman wicketkeeper of the Indian cricket team, and he has also played a very good role in the team.

Earlier, the new team Lucknow franchise, which has joined the IPL tournament, has appointed Gautam Gambhir as its mentor for its team.

Vijay Dahiya is currently 48 years old and hails from Haryana, and is currently playing the role of coach for the Uttar Pradesh cricket team. He has been hired as an assistant coach for Kolkata Knight Riders twice.

Some people also believe that Vijay Dahiya was working as the team’s sister coach when Gautam Gambhir was captaining for Kolkata Knight Riders.

And since then Gautam Gambhir liked Vijay Dahiya’s work very much. And at the behest of Gautam Gambhir, Vijay Dahiya has been appointed as the assistant coach.

Vijay Dahiya has also played the role of talent scout for Delhi Capitals before Kolkata Knight Riders, and he has also coached for Delhi Capitals.

I am very happy to know and I am very happy and proud that I have been selected for this opportunity.

And the Lucknow IPL franchise team has given me the role of assistant coach. He said this in his statement.

Vijay Dahiya has played two test matches and 19 ODI matches for the Indian cricket team last time.

RPSG Group has roped in Andy Flower and Gautam Gambhir as head coach and Gautam Gambhir as a mentor. It is believed that Vijay Dahiya has been appointed as the assistant coach only in consultation with Gautam Gambhir.

The Lucknow Franchise Team and the Gujarat Franchise Team are currently the two new IPL franchise teams that have decided to make their debut in the IPL 2022 tournament.

And he will take part in the IPL tournament to be played in 2022, which is why he is making his team strong from now on. But more than Gujarat, the talk of the Lucknow IPL team is being heard a lot.

Sanjeev Goenka, who is the owner of the Lucknow franchise team of IPL, has said that he will try to win the first tournament of the Lucknow franchise team.

That is why the Lucknow franchise team is currently recruiting very good players and other staff members, in which the head coach, assistant coach, mentor, and other staff members are also being appointed there.