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Millions of people all over the world including India are crazy about cricket. Cricket is a game that keeps people emotionally tied. Cricket enhances relationships among ourselves. Through cricket, people entertain themselves by cooperating with their favorite teams. When people get thrilled and watch the game of cricket, then after seeing such a game, people forget their troubles.

Seeing such a craze for cricket, many people have presented channels to show different types of cricket. Along with the channel, people have also launched online platforms such as websites or mobile applications. With the help of Cricbuzz, you can watch any type of international match or local match on the Cricbuzz application. Along with this, in today’s article, we will tell you about a website with the help of which you can look at various aspects related to cricket.

Yes! In today’s article, we will get complete information about the website named “Cricbuzz”. In today’s article, we will tell you what is Cricbuzz? How Cricbuzz works? What kind of facilities it provides to a common person. For today, we will provide you complete information about Cricbuzz.

So let’s start-

What is Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is a website that provides various types of cricket-related information to people. This website is operated by Times Internet. And this website is created by Pankaj Chapparwal, Piyush Agarwal, and Praveen Hegde.

This website provides information in English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu languages. Along with this, it generates revenue of about $4.8 million and this website was launched on 1 November 2004.

How Cricbuzz Works

Cricbuzz is a cricket information provider website operated by Times Internet. Through this website, a person can get any type of cricket-related information. This website provides you live scores, schedules, archives, news such as spotlight, opinion, special news, and statistics and analysis, interviews, live blogs, and many more.

In this, you are provided with various types of news such as Spotlight, Opinions, Special News or Statistics, and Analysis, Interviews, Cricket news is provided to you on a live blog. Along with this, you are provided with various types of news related to the series. Like India vs England tour is going on at present and Indian Premier League 2021, ICC T20 World Cup 2021, South Africa Tour of Sri Lanka 2021, New Zealand Tour of Bangladesh 2021, Caribbean Premier League 2021, World Cup Championship 2021 and with this you will get South Africa. You can also get information related to the Women’s Tour to West Indies 2021, from the Cricbuzz website at the moment. This website provides you free information related to all types of cricket.

With this, you can get complete information about different types of Test teams such as India, Ireland, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Afghanistan.

On this website, you can get good information about cricket news through different types of videos. In which you can also get video commentary or video highlights available, along with this you can also get to watch live cricket matches on Cricbuzz.

And apart from this, if you want to know about some more features, then you are provided information about ICC Ranking, in which ICC Ranking of Men and Women and in this, you can get information related to World Test Championship and World Cup Super League. Can do.

In this, you can also get photos and videos related to cricket for free. Cricbuzz also offers you a mobile application with the help of which you can easily get all the information related to cricket using the application without visiting the website.

Cricbuzz provides you all cricketer-related information. Above Cricbuzz you can get live information related to cricket and if you miss getting live information then with the help of Cricbuzz you can view old cricket-related information and search on the website. You can find many links of Cricbuzz on searching old information related to cricket. With the help of which you can watch various types of old cricket-related news using Cricbuzz.

Performing features of Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz provides you with a variety of features-

Live score

By using the Cricbuzz website, you can easily and for free see the live score of any cricket match, along with this you can also see which player has scored how many runs and which player has been run out, and also who did it.

Overall, you will be able to see the complete information of the ongoing cricket match live.

Cricbuzz live video

You will be able to watch live updates related to the game of cricket using Cricbuzz’s live video feature. Along with this, you will also be able to see all the highlights which are going on live in the match.

Cricbuzz Live Commentary

Cricbuzz’s live commentary has its own fun. It is very enjoyable in which you will be able to easily see the live commentary of the live match by using the Cricbuzz website or mobile application and you will also see that commentary written in words.

Cricket news

From the website of Cricbuzz, you will be able to see all the news related to cricket and at the time when the Test series or T20 series is going on, you will also get live updates of the same.

How to Download Cricbuzz Mobile Application

Friends, if you want to download the mobile application near you, then it is very easy. For this, you have to first go to Play Store and after that, you have to search Cricbuzz. The first option you get, you can download that application. After downloading, you can log in to it if you want, but even if you do not want to log in, you will continue to get all the information related to cricket there.


So in today’s article, we have learned what is Cricbuzz, how it works, and what types of features Cricbuzz provides us. What type of cricket-related news can be seen through Cricbuzz, and with this, we have known how we can download the mobile application of Cricbuzz.

In today’s article, we have got all the information related to Cricbuzz. We hope you liked it.


Q. Who created the Cricbuzz Mobile Application?

Ans. Cricbuzz is powered by “Times Internet“. But this website has been created by Pankaj Chaparwal, Piyush Agarwal, and Praveen Hegde.

Q. Which country created the Cricbuzz mobile application?

Ans. Cricbuzz is a website that is operated by Times Internet. This company is located in Gurgaon. Times Internet is the digital arm of The Times Group. And it is very much spread in India. That is why we can say that India has made Cricbuzz. And the people who make Cricbuzz are also Indians.

Q. What does Cricbuzz mean?

Ans. Cricbuzz is a partial combination of two words. These two words are cricket and buzz. That is, it can be translated as “all information related to cricket”.

Q. Is Cricbuzz free?

Ans. Yes Cricbuzz is absolutely free, you can download it on your mobile phone absolutely free and where can you get it in a very cool way, it does not charge any kind except your internet data