Shardul Thakur played a brilliant innings, and scored his third half-century in Oval

Shardul Thakur hit his third half-century in the fourth day of the fourth test match of India vs England and people could not keep themselves calm even on Twitter. During the match being played in the fourth day of the fourth test match of India vs England, Shardul Thakur scored 60 runs in 72 balls, in which Shardul Thakur took the innings forward with the help of 7 fours and 1 six.

Shardul Thakur scored runs at a strike rate of 82.33.  In the end, Shardul Thakur was out on the catch of Craig Overton.

Seeing the smoky innings of Shardul Thakur, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm even in decades and people on Twitter also praised Shardul Thakur fiercely. Some people trolled Shardul Thakur by calling him Lord Shardul Thakur.

As we know that any type of new and exciting news starts making memes.

Similarly, news of Shardul Thakur also comes out on this audience and fans started making memes, some people in support of Shardul Thakur and some people make memes to troll Shardul Thakur.

In the fourth test match, India played a brilliant innings of 466 runs for 10 wickets and now England will play chasing India and try to win.

While batting, Shardul Thakur stunned everyone by scoring 57 runs in 36 balls on the first day of the fourth test match. And due to this innings of Shardul Thakur, India’s score reached 191 on 1st day of 4th test match .

Looking at Shardul Thakur’s scintillating innings, where did the “getter out of a bad situation” go?

Seeing the brilliant batting of Shardul Thakur, the fans thanked him for calling him “Lord Shardul”.

Till now Hardik Pandya was called “the taker out of bad situation” but due to the brilliant batting of Shardul Thakur, people also targeted Hardik Pandya for his joke and jokingly said that Hardik Pandya’s position is in danger.

India performed very well during the fourth test match of the ongoing test match of India vs England and in that too, it was very nice of the people to perform brilliantly like a batsman, being the bowler of Shardul Thakur.

India has now given a target of 466 runs to England, which England will try their best to achieve.

If the figures are to be believed, the chances of India winning so far are 68.5% and the chances of England winning are very less.

During the fourth test match in the India vs England Test match, Rohit Sharma scored 127 runs in 256 balls where he hit 14 fours and a six. While batting, Rahul played an innings of 46 runs in 101 balls, he hit 6 fours and a six. While batting, Cheteshwar Pujara also played an innings of 61 runs in 127 balls, he hit 9 fours. While batting, Virat Kohli, who is captaining, also played an innings of 44 runs in 96 balls where he hit 7 fours.

While batting Ravindra Jadeja also scored 17 runs in 59 balls, with this Rishabh Pant also batted to complete his half-century in 106 balls, where he hit 4 fours. But Shardul Thakur, batting very well, scored 60 runs in 72 balls, he hit 7 fours and a six. Umesh Yadav, batting brilliantly, played an innings of 25 runs in 23 balls, he hit one four and two sixes. On the basis of strike rate, Umesh Yadav scored the highest strike rate. He scored runs at a strike rate of 108.70 but was caught by Moeen Ali for just 25 runs. Jasprit Bumrah also batted with 24 runs in 38 balls where he hit 4 fours and was dismissed by Moeen Ali. Mohammad Siraj remained unbeaten after scoring 3 runs in 6 balls.

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