Ajinkya Rahane Dropped as ODI Player: Indian Cricket Team

Image Credit Twitter- @ajinkyarahane88

Ajinkya Rahane is one of the best batsmen on the Indian cricket team. But for the last year, he has not performed properly in ODI matches. If we look at the account of his last 12 months, then right-handed batsman and vice-captain of the longest format of cricket in the Indian cricket team, Ajinkya Rahane had scored 479 runs in the time till December. For which he played 13 test matches. That is, originally he kept the strike rate of 20.83 runs as a pointing average which was very disappointing.

This year which was the Test match against South Africa, Rahane also played both the Test matches with them, and in only one inning he scored 68 runs and scored a half-century too. It was very disjointing. Ajinkya Rahane is the senior-most batsman of the Ajinkya team, but he has not performed very well in his ODI matches for some time, due to which he has been suddenly dropped from playing ODI matches, and has been stopped.

Not only Ajinkya Rahane but Cheteshwar Pujara has also been barred from playing ODI matches. Cheteshwar Pujara has also been seen that he was trying hard to score runs in ODI matches.

33-year-old Ajinkya Rahane feels that his performance in ODI matches was poor because he was not getting to play ODI matches continuously. And due to a lack of time in his hands, he could not play consecutive matches.

On this, Ajinkya Rahane gave his statement saying, “Sometimes the truth is that when you are not playing in any one format for two-three years and playing very little, it affects your batting. For two three years we haven’t played any Ranji cricket, haven’t played any domestic game, I think this should also be taken into account. Because you cannot score runs sitting at home.

Ranji Trophy was last played in 2019, and today 2022 is going on. The matches of the rest of the Ranji editions were canceled due to Covid-19. And when the impact of Covid-19 started to subside a little, then its new variant Omicron arrived, which created an outcry in the entire country. But while giving information on this, BCCI has said that all the domestic tournaments will be started from February 17 this year.