BCCI saved tax of about 1500 crores for the next 7 years: ICC Tournaments Upholding

Image Credit Twitter- @ICC

The biggest cricket of the whole world, which is controlled by the ICC, has now sold the rights of all the cricket matches of its 10 years. In which he has given the rights of the T20 World Cup to be held in 2024 to the United States of America, and the United States will organize it along with the West Indies.

Namibia will also organize the 2027 ODI World Cup along with South Africa and the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles has affected the ICC’s bid.

The Indian Cricket Board, also known as BCCI, has also been successful in winning some rights for itself. He will organize the 2026 T20 World Cup with the West Indies. Champions Trophy in 2029 and ODI World Cup in 2031 will be organized with Bangladesh.

In this way, the tax of about $200 has been saved for the BCCI, which the Indian government will no longer take from the BCCI.

Pakistan has also got a chance to organize a match organized by the ICC after 29 years, in which Pakistan will organize the Champions Trophy to be held in 2025. The last time the 2009 Champions Trophy was also to be held in Pakistan but due to security reasons, South Africa organized it later.

The cricket match of 2016 and 2019 was held between United States of America India and West Indies in Loderdale. The United States of America will get a huge advantage, where the national team of the United States of America will reach this tournament.

But the qualification for this will be very difficult. And Namibia will have to go through all the qualification criteria of the World Cup.

All the organizers have won the title of being the organizer of this tournament through a competitive bidding process, this committee is headed by Martin Sneddon, who is the chairman of the New Zealand Cricket Board, besides Sourav Ganguly, who is the president of BCCI, and in addition Ricky It was being organized by all of Skerritt, who is the President of CWI.

BCCI also got an advantage from this that, in ICC tournaments organized by BCCI, BCCI has got tax exemption of up to 10% by the Indian government which is $ 200 million i.e. fifteen hundred crore rupees.

BCCI will organize three ICC tournaments in their country and through these three tournaments BCCI will also cover its 750 crore loss. BCCI has hosted the 2016 World Cup and has avoided hosting the 2023 World Cup, all the work should be done by BCCI in the next 3 ICC tournaments.

On this Sourav Ganguly and who is also the secretary of BCCI, they have said that it is very unfair to wish such a huge amount by BCCI due to no fault. Discount has to be given.