Virat Kohli’s role as batter will remain Constant no one can stop him: Rohit Sharma

Virat Kohli
Image Credit Twitter- @imVkohli

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team’s new T20 format, is aware that Virat Kohli will continue to play as a batsman, and his role will not be cut in any way, as Virat Kohli delivers a very impactful performance.

Former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has relinquished the captaincy for his T20 format, and from this Wednesday, Rohit Sharma will take over as the captain for T20 International matches. This time Rohit Sharma will be the full time captain for 24 minutes. And this captaincy will also come in handy in his next year’s T20 World Cup.

When Rohit Sharma was asked what would be the contribution of Virat Kohli in this match, he said that it is very easy, we will continue to do what we were doing till now. There will be no change in this. The captain of the cricket team has changed but the Indian cricket team is the same and the contribution of all the players in it is also the same.

Virat Kohli is the most brilliant player in the Indian cricket team and he will continue to play as he does. Whenever Virat Kohli plays, there is a great effect. Virat Kohli’s play is also very important from the team’s point of view, and Virat Kohli himself handles different types of responsibilities.

The contribution of all the players in the Indian cricket team will be the same in the team as it should be. All the players, including Virat Kohli, will play the same role that you have been playing, and this includes the new captain.

When you bat at number one, your contribution is slightly different, and your role is also slightly different, but when you come to bat at No. 2, No. 3, or No. 4, both your contribution and your role change. Virat Kohli will come to bat at number one.

I say this with full confidence that Virat Kohli will come back soon and will strengthen this team even more, because his experience as a batsman is very good. And he will strengthen our squad a lot.

When Rohit Sharma was asked what would be the role of Virat Kohli in the eyes of the new captain, he said that Virat Kohli will contribute the same to the Indian cricket team, which he was giving, captains keep coming and going. The team also changes but getting a captain’s title does not change the atmosphere of the dressing room. That is why Virat Kohli will be seen in his full role. And Virat Kohli will soon join the Indian cricket team and will encourage all of us. And I know that now they are going to come in a short time.