Biography of David Warner the Former Captain of Australian Cricket Team.

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About David Warner

On 27 October 1986, David Warner was born in Paddington. He is also a former captain of the Australian cricket team. And he is an opening batsman in the Australian cricket team. David Warner is the first batsman to be selected in the 132 years of the Australian cricket team, who was given a place in the national cricket team without first-class cricket experience.

In 2017, he won the Allan Border Medal, and on 27 September 2017, he played his 100th ODI match. David Warner is the first Australian and the eighth batsman in the world to score a century in his 100th ODI match. In the year 2018, he was also accused of ball-tampering. He also had to face a 1-year ban, and in November 2019, he scored 335 runs in a Test match against Pakistan.

About David Warner’s Early Life

The David Andrew Warner (David Warner) was born at Paddington (Sydney) on 27 October 1986. And they are called by the name of Lloyd, Reverend, and Bull. His height is 5 feet 7 inches, and he is a left-handed batsman. And he is an opening batsman. When David Warner was 13 years old, his coach encouraged him to become a right-handed batsman, but at the behest of his mother, Sheila Warner, he chose to become a left-handed batsman again.

At the age of 15, David Warner performed brilliantly at the Sydney Coastal Cricket Club and later he performed for the Australian cricket team in the Under-19 state team against Sri Lanka.

David Warner’s international cricket career

David Warner started playing for the Australia national cricket team in 2009 and has been playing for his national cricket team since then.

David Warner played his first test match against New Zealand on 1 December 2011. And he made his Test debut; he played his last Test match against India on 15 January 2021.

And David Warner played his first ODI match against South Africa on 18 January 2002 and played his last ODI match against India on 29 November 2020.

And David Warner made his T20 debut against South Africa on 11 January 2009 and played his last T20 match on 14 November 2021. And he played this match against New Zealand.

David Warner scored 426 runs in his first Test match. First scored 70 runs in ODI match, and first scored 32 runs in T20 International match. The number of his T-shirt is 31.

David Warner’s entire cricket career

David Warner has played 86 Test matches so far in his international cricket matches, in which he has scored 1311 runs with a total of 48.09 runs. And he has so far scored 24 centuries and 30 half-centuries in his 86 Test matches. His highest score in Test matches is 335 runs.

David Warner has played 128 matches in his international ODI matches, in which he has scored 5455 runs at an average of 45.45 runs. And in his 128 ODI matches, he has scored 18 centuries and 23 half-centuries and his highest score in ODI matches is 179 runs.

And David Warner has played 88 T20 International matches in his international cricket career, in which he has scored 2554 runs. And David Warner scored about 32.74 runs in every match to make 2554. David Warner’s highest score in T20 matches is 100 runs and he has so far scored 1 century and 21 half-centuries in his T20 International matches.

David Warner has played 117 first-class cricket matches so far, in which he has scored 9790 runs. And he has scored runs in every match at an average of 48.46 runs, and in his 117 first-class cricket, he has scored 32 centuries and 39 half-centuries so far. And his score of 335 runs in his first-class cricket matches is the highest score.

Some interesting facts of David Warner

  • David Warner started playing cricket from the age of 5, he recognized his cricketing talent at the age of 5. And since then till today, he has given a lot of importance to cricket.
  • David Warner has become the first player in the history of Australia for the last 132 years, whose selection has been made by the Australian cricket team without playing a first-class game.
  • David Warner had a very bad fight with Joe Root and this fight happened in the bar in Birmingham.
  • David Warner is also a writer, he has also written a book called The Kaboom Kid.
  • David Warner once had a very bad fight with Rohit Sharma in which Rohit Sharma was pushed by David Warner. For this act, he had to return 50% of his entire match earnings.
  • David Warner has also got the yellow card in cricket, the yellow card is found when a player talks very rudely towards another player or does some objectionable thing.