Boris Johnson spoke to Scott Morrison regarding the Test series to be held in the Ashes.

Credit: Twitter/@ESPNcricinfo

Boris Johnson spoke to Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the match in the Ashes. Where he expressed his concern about the match to be held in the Test match and requested to pay some attention to his efforts to carry forward the Test match.

Boris Johnson, who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, tried to start the Test match with his personal intervention and he spoke to Scott Morrison about the Test match to be held in Australia and Demanded to remove the ban imposed for it to travel on the family of the players of the Test team.

Johnson, who is currently in Washington for a diplomatic visit, has sought assurance from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the winter series, which is to be held on December 8.

But Australia has put in place strict quarantine arrangements for this, due to which the player and his family may have to face a lot of problems. Just to end these problems, Scott went to meet Morrison, so that he could find a solution to this problem.

After this meeting, Boris Johnson said, “We have raised this issue with Mr. Morrison and he said that he always thinks well of the families of the players, Johnson said that during the winter the cricketers this Christmas, would not like to be away from his family. That’s why his family will also go to Australia for the Test series and taking this he had a very good conversation with Scott Morrison to find a solution to the problem.

In response, Scott Morrison said that he is getting very positive thoughts about the Test match, he will be very happy that the match goes ahead, and he said that there is no big deal with Boris. They do not think that there is any difference between a skilled worker or a student, but if Australia reaches the 80%rate of vaccination, then England players will be able to come to Australia.

Be aware that Australia has currently banned in some countries for international travel in its country. That is why he has said that Australia will remove any travel ban of any kind until he has done about 80% double vaccination inside Australia.

It is believed that 80% of the double destination scope will not be completed soon, because the test match is going to start soon and if it does not happen then the test match will not be able to start either.

The England Cricket Board, while making this extensive negotiation, has said that Australia will have to find some effective solution in these few weeks. By which this test series can be carried forward and it can be started. Otherwise, this ban will affect the game of both England and Australia.

Australia has said that if they are not able to get 80% double vaccination in their country, then England players can come to play matches in Australia without their families. But Boris Johnson said that Christmas is about to come and no family likes to be without a member of their household on Christmas.