Former West Indies player Marlon Samuels accused of corruption

The International Cricket Council has charged four corruption charges against former West Indies player named Marlon Samuels and who became part of the winning team of 2016 and 2012 T20 World Cup.

This information was given by the Global Cricket Governing Body by issuing a press release. This information was given on Wednesday, on behalf of The International Cricket Council Cricket Board, former West Indies player Marlon Samuels has been charged with corruption that he has bridged the Emirates Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Code and he has done this for the participants in the t10 league.

The Emirates Cricket Board has made it known to the four corruption charges on which Sara has all the disputes.

Disputes of those four corruptions are as follows

First charge

Samuel has failed to inform the Anti-Corruption Officer of the receipt of gifts, payments, guest honors, or other benefits which he had received in a circumstance that would outright defame any participant or the game of cricket. Is or is capable of it.

Second charge

Marlon Samuels has failed to provide receipts of Only gifts of more than $750 or to report hospitality receipts to the Anti-Corruption Officer.

Third charge

Samuel has failed to cooperate with the Anti-Corruption Official in the investigation.

Fourth charge

Samuel has concealed much information related to the investigation and attempts have been made to delay the investigation by obstructing the investigation of the Anti Corruption Officer.

The ICC has said that Marlon Samuels has 14 days from 21 September to respond to all these allegations and that no one other than Marlon Samuels will comment on these allegations.

To this, the West Indies Cricket Board responded by saying that Huey fully supports the process of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit.

Giving information, the West Indies Cricket Board said that they have not yet received detailed information related to this investigation of the ICC.

However, we are committed to condemning any kind of corrupt activity inside the game and we fully support taking any kind of corruption-related process out of the game.

Samuels has played 71 Test matches, 207 ODI matches, and 67 T20 matches in his international career.

In which he has scored 11,134 runs and he took 152 wickets. Talking about his retirement from international cricket, Marlon Samuels said goodbye to international cricket in 2020.

If we talk about the scams in cricket, then there are many cricket scams all over the world and very often the names of very famous personalities come out. And this time it’s just that Marlon Samuels is no small name.

Marlon Samuels was a very rising star of West Indies who had chewed iron gram to his opponents in his cricket career.

Nevertheless, in case of corruption of any kind, individuals should avoid making any secret about anyone till the results of the investigation of those cases come out.

The ICC has made very big allegations against Marlon Samuels and in a way this charge has been made by the consent of the Emirates Cricket Board.

And the ECB has imposed all the corruption charges on the manuals in a professional manner, such as not supporting the process of anti-corruption, hiding information, obstructing the process, and many more. Now we have to wait that what is the answer to the manuals to the ECB.

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