Corona spreads in West Indies team, Chase, Cottrell, Meyer out of Pakistan tour.

Image Credit Twitter- @timesofindia

There has been an outbreak of Coronavirus in the West Indies cricket team in a very bad way, due to which some players on the West Indies cricket team will not be able to go for the tour of Pakistan due to Coronavirus and those players have been ruled out. All those players are currently kept under strict surveillance and corona care in Pakistan itself.

West Indies cricket team player and left-arm pacer Sheldon Cottrell, and all-rounders Roston Chase and Kyle Meyer have been rooted out from the upcoming T20 series which is to be played in Pakistan. On December 2, when these players were checked up for Covid-19, at that time those players were seen with Covid-19 symptoms. And now those players have been thrown out of playing matches with Pakistan.

Along with these three players, some non-coaching members have also come under the grip of Corona and they have been found to be Corona positive. Cricket West Indies gave this information in its statement.

The four players have not been found to be completely positive for coronavirus at this time. And no symptoms of corona have been found in those players. Now those players will have an RT-PCR test and after the test, those players will be kept in isolation for 10 days in Pakistan. And it will be seen that even after 10 days if those players are not found to be coronavirus positive then those players will be kept in the playing XI.

On our arrival, four of our players in Pakistan have been found to be Covid-19 positive. It is true that the information about those four players has been found to be Corona positive. And now he has been kept in isolation. Now his preparation plan has got a huge setback due to which he may be out of the match the whole time. But for all those players who have been caught by Covid-19, their RT PCR test will be done. After which if they become completely healthy, then they will be given permission to play later.

This information was given by Johnny Grave and Johnny Gravy is the CEO of the West Indies Cricket Team Association at the time.

If a player is found infected with Covid-19, then it is almost impossible that he can recover completely in the time of a cricket tour. And let all the symptoms of Covid-19 go away from him. We know that a lot of our players are living on the BioSecure Bubble for the time being, which is why it should be safe, and this Bio Bubble was created even before the Caribbean Premier League.

We know that finding those three players to be Corona positive will have a very bad effect on our team. And we are aware of that but the preparations for the rest of our team are still going on, and they seem to be in very good spirits at the moment. And at this time those four players have been kept under the supervision and care of the doctors. A complete physician team has been formed for them, which is being led by Dr. Akshay Mansingh.