England will face the challenge of pink ball test on thrusday after collapse in First Test: Ashes test match

Image Credit Twitter- @jJoeRoot66Fan

In the second test match of the Ashes, the England team will face the Pink Ball Test. And it is a matter of great concern for England because the England cricket team has lost its first test match and the England cricket team has lost badly. Australia cricket team had won over England cricket team very well.

And a matter of concern for England is that the Australian cricket team has won all its last eight pink-ball Test matches. And it becomes a matter of even more concern for England that they have faced consecutive defeats in the last several Test matches. And the chariot of their defeat is not taking the name of stopping.

The 9-wicket defeat is becoming very difficult for the English cricket team to digest, and later in the first Test match of the Ashes played in the Brisbane area, the Australia cricket team very badly destroyed the batting of the England cricket team. After which the bowling of the England cricket team could not save him much.

But at the same time, the way the England cricket team has performed, it comes to know that the batting department and bowling department of the England team look very weak. And after that, the rain made up the rest. But since then the England cricket team is paying more attention to practice to perform very well.

In the context of cricket, many strategists believe that the bowling and batting of the England cricket team were very good, but due to the decision taken by Joe Root, he had to face the defeat of this bad. The way he had to implement his decision in the field of Gabba and choose the decision, according to that everything was not done properly.

Some people even believe that choosing Jamie Anderson and Stuart Broad was a very bad choice.

Some experts believed that the England cricket team took the wrong decision after winning the toss.

On top of this, Joe Root also gave his clarification and said that I know my team that they contribute their full in correcting any decision. And I know the players in my team want to do their bit to correct any bad turns. And the players of my team improvise very well and quickly. Even Australia has won five of their last eight Test matches in broad daylight.