Fans below the age of 16 are prohibited in Sharjah Stadium, must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination

A heartbreaking incident came to the fore in the joy of the same game where the UAE has prohibited fans below the age of 16 from entering the Sharjah Stadium. And any fan going to Sharjah Stadium will be required to show proof of COVID-19.

For the 14th edition of IPL 2021, UAE has opened the doors of its Sharjah Stadium for fans, where the IPL 202 match is being played under the security guard lines of COVID-19 under the supervision of BCCI. Abu Dhabi The Sharjah Stadium has been kept a close watch for COVID-19.

According to the UAE’s COVID-19 regulation, fans who have got their PCR test done 48 hours ago will get Sharjah Stadium entry on a priority basis. But it is not necessary that the PCR test should be done 48 hours in advance. If the fan has proof of the vaccination of COVID-19, then no one will stop him from entering the Sharjah Stadium.

According to the new rules, the UAE has said that it is necessary for fans to wear masks at all times, it is very important to follow social distancing. Any fan who is unable to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination will not be allowed to enter the Sharjah Stadium.

The fans have also been instructed that they should download their tickets so that I can scan the heat tickets at the gate.

With this, according to the new rules in Sharjah Stadium, this rule has been brought that if any IPL fan is below 16 years of age, then he will not be allowed to enter the stadium in any way. The youngest age to enter the stadium is 16 years. Fans who will come to Sharjah Stadium will also have to carry a copy of the PCR test with them. So that along with the match ticket at the gate, a copy of the PCR test can also be shown so that they can get entry.

The UAE has made very strict rules following the rules of COVID-19 and people have been asked to follow those rules very strictly.

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium, which is located in Abu Dhabi, requires people above the age of 16 to show their PCR test as evidence. Otherwise, they will not be given entry and those who are fans of 12 to 15 years are not required to show their vaccination proof but they will be required to carry their PCR test report with them.

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