Wellington Masakadza did miracle: Zimbabwe won by taking 4 wickets in 4 balls of the last over.

During the ongoing Zimbabwe T20 International match against Scotland, a very rare scene was seen in which the Zimbabwe bowler snatched the victory from the hands of Scotland by taking 4 wickets in the last 4 balls of the match.

Scotland needed 13 runs in 12 balls, and for this they also had 4 wickets in hand. It was a very easy win for Scotland and it was a very easy defeat for Zimbabwe. But Scotland lost their four wickets in the next 4 balls and the whole team was reduced to 126 runs.

In the end, with two balls remaining, the entire team of Scotland was reduced to 126 runs.

In the T20 International between Scotland and Zimbabwe being held in Edinburgh, when Scotland needed 13 runs to win and had four wickets in hand, they lost their 20wickets in their first 4 balls.

Who got the first 2 runs out and the other two got out by catching. At the beginning of the match, when 4 wickets had fallen for just 16 runs, Richie Barrington and Matthew Cross revived the match with a partnership of 42 runs.

Like Scotland, Zimbabwe also had a difficult start, where they lost 3 wickets for just 20 runs and when asked during the interview, the Zimbabwe players told that the pitch there was very bad and Zimbabwe scored only 20 on 3 wickets.

Traveled by runs to 136 runs and on which only two more players were dismissed from Zimbabwe’s side and in the end their score was 5 for 136.

Zimbabwe’s Sean Williams remained unbeaten on 60 off 52 balls and hit 4 fours and a six in this innings. This victory of Zimbabwe is very special because 4 wickets in 4 consecutive balls is a very rare sight. And after winning this match, the score between Zimbabwe and Scotland has remained 1-1 .

Scotland will face Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup group stage starting October 17 That’s why what was the first win of this week became the last for Scotland. Scotland will play several other tournaments in Oman but Zimbabwe did not qualify for the World Cup.

This victory of Zimbabwe became so much interesting that the country started talking about it abroad and people started congratulating Zimbabwe on it, however, Zimbabwe was not selected for the World Cup because Zimbabwe could not qualify for the World Cup.

But still such a victory on Saturday made people all over the world eager to talk for Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s smoky batsman Wellington Masakadza, when Scotland needed 13 runs, made Scotland desperate for a run each and Wellington Masakadza’s bowling is admiring the legendary bowler and player Wellington Masakadza from all sides.

Credit- Twitter.com