If Pakistan loses the match with India, it won’t qualify for the semi-finals: Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg
Image Credit Twitter- @InsideSportIND

Brad Hogg, who has been a former player of the Australian cricket team, commented on the T20 World Cup 2021, saying, “If the Indian cricket team starts with a win, they will not have to work hard to get to the semi-finals, but If Pakistan loses this match then it will not be able to play 90% of the semi-finals. Because immediately after India, Pakistan’s match will be with New Zealand and it will be very difficult to win against New Zealand after India’s defeat.

The entire team’s struggle for Super 12 will start from Saturday, that is, it will start from 23 October. But all the cricket fans all over the world will have their eyes on the match between India and Pakistan to be held on October 24, because these two teams are meeting each other after a long time, and the ODI World held in England in 2019.

After the cup, India and Pakistan have not had a match for the last two years.

A lot of experts may believe that India and Pakistan teams are not playing each other due to the ongoing estrangement between India and Pakistan, but when this match will be played, whatever the result as the decision of this match.

Will come out, he will tell how Pakistan will be able to play in T20 World Cup 2021.

Due to this, former Australian cricket player Brad Hogg predicted that if the Pakistan cricket team loses the match, then it will be very difficult for them to make it to the semi-finals, and if they lose this World Cup then the biggest reason behind it will be That he had lost this first match of the T20 World Cup from India.

Brad Hogg said that if the Indian cricket team loses this match, then they will not have to work so hard to make it to the semi-finals, but if the Pakistan cricket team loses this match along with the Indian cricket team, then they will get the T20 World Cup semi-finals. There will be a lot of difficulties in making a place in.

Brad Hogg said that if the Pakistan cricket team is not with the Indian cricket team and loses the match, then the Pakistan cricket team led by Babar Azam will lose the match against New Zealand because, after the loss to India, the match is with New Zealand. It is very difficult to win.

Brad Hogg said that if the Pakistan cricket team loses their first match with the cricket team, they will have very little time to play against New Zealand as a turnaround.

But if the Pakistan cricket team is not able to go ahead of the T20 World Cup 2021, then the biggest reason for this will be the defeat against India. If the Pakistan cricket team loses in the first match of the Indian cricket team then it will be almost impossible for them to go ahead.

If India loses the match then they will not face much problem in going ahead, but it may be a bit early to say anything about all these things so we will see what happens in the match.

Brad Hogg said this information during a conversation with Deep Dasgupta on his YouTube channel.

Brad Hogg has placed both India and Pakistan in the semi-final list, Brad Hogg said that if the Pakistan goes to the semi-finals, it will go to Group Two, and West Indies and England will go to Group One.

Brad Hogg said that the team which will go to the semi-finals, according to me, can be England and West Indies for Group 1 and Pakistan and India for Group 2.

If we talk about the warm-up match, then India has performed very well which they beat both England and Australia, but if we look at the condition of pitches of United Arab Emirates, then it looks a bit inclined towards India has been because India has played IPL and can understand this pitch very well, but this time England and West Indies will prove to be strong contenders for India in the main matches that will be played after the warm-up match.