India avoids to play with Pakistan as they have fear to lose: Abdul Razzaq

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Former Pakistan cricket team player Abdul Razzaq is known for his controversial statement, this time again he has given a controversial statement, but it is also a very funny statement.

Abdul Razzaq has said that the Indian cricket team has not played a match with the Pakistan cricket team for a long time, because the Pakistan cricket team is much better than the Indian cricket team, and is great.

Replying to the ARY correspondent, Abdul Razzaq said, “Does India have fast bowlers like Pakistani bowlers? Or the best all-rounder like Pakistani all-rounder? Not there.

The kind of unique talent that the Pakistan cricket team has, the Indian cricket team does not have the same talent. Pakistan cricket team can handle high pressure.

I don’t think Indian cricket team can win from Pakistan cricket team; no one has the same talent as Pakistan cricket team has and that’s why India is not playing matches with Pakistan.

The kind of pressure that Pakistan cricket team can handle, the kind of pressure it can play under, it is amazing.

This is not a thing in India. Even in the whole world it is known that the Indian cricket team does not have the same talent as the Pakistan cricket team.

Further, former Pakistani player Abdul Razzaq commented that not only in today’s time but Pakistan is coming all the time producing good players from India.

Indian cricket team does not want to play matches with Pakistan team because they are not fit to play.

India have Kapil Dev , we have Imran Khan, Please compare both of them, if you can see any comparison, everyone knows that Imran is far better than Kapil, Pakistan have give the best qand greatest players to the world in which India failed to do this.

They also have some good player and some kind of a good team, I am not digging into it, but India cannot hold talent like Pakistan.

Would you like to compare them too? Everyone knows that Imran Khan is very good. We have a fast bowler like Wasim Akram, is there any such player in India? Absolutely not.”: Abdul Razzaq

We have fast players like Javed Miandad, they have Gavaskar who have no comparison, we have Inzamam, Yousuf, Younis, Shahid Afridi and in return they have Dravid and Sehwag.

If you look collectively, Pakistan has a very good standing, and Pakistan has produced better players than India every time in history. These are all very big reasons. Because of which India does not want to play matches with Pakistan.

On 24 October, The T20 World Cup match will be played between India and Pakistan. After the 2019 World Cup, this first international match will be played between India and Pakistan.

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