India vs SA Test Series: SA demolished India by 2-1

Image Credit Twitter- @FaizelPatel143

The Indian cricket team did not perform very well during the India vs South Test match and used 77.3 overs to score 223 runs in his first innings. And in its second innings, the Indian cricket team used 67 overs to score 198 runs.

In this too, both the times the Indian cricket team lost all its wickets. Virat Kohli scored 79 runs in 201 balls in the first innings. And the second-highest score was from Cheteshwar Pujara who scored 43 runs in 77 balls. After this, in the second innings, Rishabh Pant scored 100 runs in 139 balls and Virat Kohli scored 29 runs in 143 balls. No one could get bigger scores than these.

Now if we talk about South Africa, then 76.3 overs were used to score 210 runs in the first innings in South Africa. And Pietersen scored the most runs in the first innings. Where Pietersen scored 72 runs in 166 balls, no one has scored more than 30 runs after this. In the second innings, South Africa performed very well, Pietersen scored 82 runs in 113 balls.

After this, Russie van dan scored 41 runs in 95 balls. And thus with the help of the rest of the players, South Africa achieved the score of 212 runs in 63.3 overs by losing 3 wickets.

In this way, the Indian cricket team has won only once in the entire series after losing the test match twice to South Africa. And in the same way, the Indian cricket team lost 2-1 and made this series in the name of South Africa.