It will be easy to get Pakistan cricket team out after dismissing Babar Azam: Monty Panesar

Babar Azam
Image Credit Twitter- @TOISportsNews

Former England cricket team player and spinner Monty Panesar, while giving his committee in the match to be held India vs Pakistan, said that if the India-Pakistan cricket team wants to beat, then they will have to dismiss Babar Azam in the early innings.

If he does this, then it will be very easy to get the rest of the Pakistan cricket team out. India has very good bowlers, including Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin.

Both these players will be heavy on the entire team of Pakistan. Both these players have been associated with the Indian cricket team since 2013 ICC Trophy.

India will play its first T20 World Cup 2020 match with Pakistan on Sunday at 7:30 pm and at that time the eyes of the whole world will be on India in the T20 World Cup match with Pakistan on 24 October.

Because India has defeated Pakistan in the last 5 ICC T20 matches and Pakistan has not won even once.

Former England cricket team player and spinner Monty Panesar said that the Pakistan cricket team can be lightly mistaken for their media, but the result of the Indian cricket team being captained by Virat Kohli at this time is very much in the Pakistan cricket team. A lot of expectations have been set.

Giving further information, Monty Panesar said that if the Indian cricket team gets Babar Azam out soon, then it will be very easy to win India’s match against Pakistan later.

Monty Panesar said that Pakistan plays very well in the middle of the United Arab Emirates and they have a good bowling line, Shaheen Afridi is currently playing with Pakistan, and they also have a strong batting lineup.

Babar Azam is his strongest batsman in Pakistan, he is getting all the basic facilities he should have on this pitch.

It can be difficult to predict Pakistan in this match, but if we talk about the prediction, then at this time only the mistake made by Pakistan can defeat Pakistan, if their time is running then Pakistan cricket team can beat any team & at this time the Pakistan cricket team has become very motivated and is going to hunt every team that comes to the fore at this time.

At this time the Indian cricket team has a heavy edge and at this time the record of the Indian cricket team has been seen that they have won all the matches against Pakistan and at this time Pakistan will be under a lot of pressure, not India.

At this time, in the match of India and Pakistan, Pakistan will be much more upset than India. Monty Panesar said these things while talking to The Times of India.

39-year-old Monty Panesar, while betting upon Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin, said that these two players will provide a game-changer moment for the Indian cricket team.

It is because of these two players that the Indian cricket team will win against Pakistan.