James Neesham explains why he wasn’t celebrate winning against England: 1st semi-final match

Image Credit Twitter- @ESPNcricinfo

James Neesham had a big hand behind winning the first semi-final match of the New Zealand cricket team. James Neesham played a brilliant innings of 27 runs in 11 balls to help him achieve the target of 167 runs. And because of James Neesham, the New Zealand cricket team has reached the final today. James Neesham joined a very strong link. Due to which the England cricket team knelt in front of New Zealand cricket.

James Neesham played an innings of 27 runs in 11 balls with the help of one four and three sixes, he did this feat when 20 runs were left in the last 2 overs to win.

On behalf of the New Zealand cricket team, Daryl Mitchell scored an unbeaten 72 runs while opening.

But on this happy occasion, a picture appeared on social media, but James Neesham was not seen to be doing anything when the New Zealand cricket team won. James Neesham was seen sitting on the chair when the New Zealand cricket team won, as if he was frozen.

On this James also gave his answer. When James Neesham was asked why James Neesham was not seen rejoicing? So on this James Neesham said that our work is not completed yet. what has happened? I do not think so.

The way the New Zealand cricket team lost in the final of the 2019 ODI World Cup match, James Neesham’s heart is still broken. That is why he wants that he should be happy only by winning the match completely. And don’t rejoice in the middle, because their happiness will be worth watching after winning the final.

James Nisham told that even in the 2019 match, he celebrated a lot before winning the entire tournament. But perhaps because of this, the New Zealand cricket team faced a very bad defeat in the final match of that World Cup. That chance has just broken James Nisham from Tkander.

James Nisham expressed his anger in a tweet where he said, “Is the job finished? I do not think so”.

It can be inferred from this that James Nisham wants to celebrate the victory of the match only after winning the entire tournament this time.

This semi-final match was also a huge milestone in the victory which he crossed. He had crossed the same stage in 2019 also during the ODI match but he was broken due to the defeat in the end and it was felt on his face that he was probably remembering the same moment at that time that is why his expressions did not change at all. .