Jasprit Bumrah Rohit Sharma Suryakumar Yadav was welcomed in Abu Dhabi.

The IPL match which was suspended indefinitely on 2 May due to Corona is going to start back from 19 September 2021. And in the meantime, when the Indian cricket team reached Abu Dhabi, Mumbai Indians did not leave any stone unturned in welcoming their players. With this, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Suryakumar Yadav all landed at Abu Dhabi Airport with their families. India cricket team has reached Abu Dhabi to participate in IPL 2021 match. With this, as soon as they reached there, they were quarantined for 6 days. After 6 days, he will be able to mix back in his team and at the same time he will be able to play for his team.

The fifth test match of the Indian cricket team with England was canceled. Because in the test match of India vs England when the fourth test match was going on. At that time some staff members of the India cricket team had got coronavirus. Due to which, taking precautions, England canceled the fifth test match. According to some people, England refused to play due to the humiliating defeat to India.

But England gave the reason that they are taking this step keeping in mind the security reasons and also keeping in mind the coronavirus and canceling the fifth Test match with India. As soon as this step came to the fore, all the countries became more aware of Corona and Indian cricket players have been quarantined in Abu Dhabi too.

After which he had a medical checkup in Quarantine itself where he was found negative with Coronavirus.

Rohit Sharma arrives in Abu Dhabi The tweet from the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians read, “Captain Aala Re, Welcome Home Row, Ritika & Semi”

Mumbai News welcomed its team captain in this way. And along with this, pictures of Rohit Sharma with Ritika and Semi were also uploaded on Twitter.

With this, Jasprit Bumrah, the greatest fast bowler of the India cricket team, arrived only then and he also reached Abu Dhabi with his family, according to Jasprit Bumrah. The tweet came from the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians that “Now there will be boom in Abu Dhabi and welcome back Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana”.

Thus Mumbai News welcomed its players with great warmth.

The Indian cricket team came to Abu Dhabi from England in a chartered flight. The BCCI arranged a special chartered flight for the players of the Indian cricket team to fly from England to Abu Dhabi.

The players of Chennai Super Kings will also reach Dubai by Saturday and it is believed that maybe CSK i.e. and CEO of Chennai Super Kings, Kashi Vishwanath while talking to ANI said that the players of Chennai Super Kings will also be in Abu Dhabi soon. will be and

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team has also sent its chartered flight to bring its players and Virat Kohli and Mohammad Siraj to Dubai and by Sunday Virat Kohli and Mohammad Siraj will be in Dubai.

On 2 May 2021, India banned the IPL match scores being held in India indefinitely. Because suddenly corona positive people started coming out among the members of the team too.

For this reason, keeping in mind the security reasons, India had banned the IPL indefinitely, but on 25 July 2021, the BCCI announced that the remaining 31 IPL matches would be played in Abu Dhabi. The next match which will be held on September 19 will be between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. That is, 2 winners will play among themselves.

Credit- amarujala.com