Australia to Reject Afghan Test Cricket if Taliban Bans Women Sports

Australia has warned the new Taliban government in Afghanistan that if it does not support the Taliban women’s cricket team, it will not allow Afghanistan players to land on Australian soil and will ban the Afghanistan men’s cricket team.

Australia said that we look at the game with respect. All players are equal to each other. No one is bigger or smaller than anyone. Everyone is given all kinds of rights and no one is discriminated against on the basis of gender. If the new Taliban government does not support the women’s cricket team, then the Afghanistan men’s cricket team will also not play on Australian soil.

Australia said that it is necessary to see the women’s cricket team with respect all over the world. Cricket is a game which can be played by any gender. It is played by personality and not any gender specific.

That is why if in any country the women’s cricket team will be strictly punished or the men’s cricket team will be given more importance than them, or the women’s cricket team will not be supported, then the men’s cricket team of that country will also be allowed on Australian soil. The opportunity to play will not be provided.

The Australian Cricket Association also praised this statement of Cricket Australia. He said that whatever Cricket Australia has said is absolutely correct and we support it. If the women’s cricket team does not get support under the Taliban, then the men’s cricket team will also not be given the answer to play on Australian soil.

When the Taliban formed the government for the last time, then things about the violation of women’s rights came to the fore. But when on 15 August 2021, the Taliban invaded Kabul and captured the whole of Afghanistan and formed their government there.  Because of this, many countries have doubts about the intentions of the Taliban due to the past actions of the Taliban.

The last time the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the Taliban banned the education of girls.

Right now, in the context of what is happening in Afghanistan under the Taliban, human rights issues are going on in full swing there. Because it is heard that human rights are being crushed under the rule of the Taliban government.

Giving further information, Cricket Australia said that he likes Rashid Khan very much. Rashid Khan is a great player. He would love if Rashid Khan played against Australia and in support of Afghanistan. He would love that he takes care of the Afghanistan cricket team and provides hospitality.

But he would also like that Roya Samim also plays against the Australia Women’s cricket team and performs well.

With this, Australia’s Sports Minister, whose name is Richard Callback, has requested the International Cricket Council’s intervention on this issue.

He urged that he urges the International Sports Authority to kindly fulfill the responsibilities of his International Cricket Council and stop the steps going to play them by standing in support of the Afghanistan Women’s Cricket Team.

Credit- Getty