Joe Root worried about James Anderson’s fitness in final

Very good news came for India from the Oval ground and India defeated England by a great score of 157  runs. Due to this, England cricket team captain Joe Root is also very upset about the fitness of James Anderson in view of such a big defeat.

James Anderson is shying away from playing on the first day of the fifth test match of India vs England. Because they feel that they are not fit and about this, the captain of the England cricket team, Joe Root, is also very upset.

While addressing the people of England, Joe Root said, “James is also concerned about Anderson’s fitness and that is why James Anderson is also shying away from putting his name in the final match. And James Anderson is trying to avoid playing the final match, Joe Root gave us this information while talking to the reporter.

39-year-old James Anderson has been playing four consecutive Test matches and due to this, he has to face mental and physical outside. Due to this, he is also worrying a lot about his fitness.

Because the hosts have come down from the 2-1 comparative defeat and they have to break their losing streak and register a win. Because of this, James Anderson wants some other bowler to be given his place.

After such a big defeat of the England team, the captain of the England cricket team said that now he will have to weigh everything back and that is why he will have to take care of everything and decide to win. He will have to do everything that will help Team England win the fifth test match and at least draw this India vs England match. If this does not happen then it will be very difficult for England to recover from this flick.

After such a big loss, James Anderson is also shying away from playing. Because they feel that more has come out on their shoulders. Due to so many responsibilities, he is not able to perform properly. Team England’s captain Root has also indicated a strong upheaval in his team. He has said that he will have to see everything equally and take the right decision keeping in mind the victory. Because team England will have to win this match and put all their might to draw the series.

In the form of talking to our correspondent, please provide this information that he will put all his strength in this final match and will try to do whatever is possible, so that team England at least get a full chance to draw this match. Along with this, Joe Root was also very worried. “If James Anderson gets injured, he will leave us in a very difficult place for the rest of the game and winter and we will find it difficult to find a leader like him to fill his place,” he said.

Giving information, Joe Root said that we have a blessing in the form of James Anderson, but if this player is injured then we will be in a big shock. Giving information, Joe Root said that James Anderson has so far taken 632 Test wickets and is the third-highest Test wicket-taker. Apart from this, two retired spinners will be remembered in the history of cricket, whose names are Muttiah Muralidharan of Sri Lanka who has taken 800 Test wickets, and Shane Warne of Australia who has taken 708 Test wickets.

Giving information about India’s great victory in the fourth test match of the Test match between India vs England on Monday, England cricket team captain Joe Root said that “they have to find some way to win this match”, because the situation is very critical right now.

Joe Root sidelined many experienced and good bowlers during this test match. But matching this issue, Joe Root wants to take the decision to make another big upheaval in his team, he may also have to face rebellion from his team but the players of Tiger will definitely understand that there is something to win. Tough decisions have to be taken.

But in the end, the India vs England match will definitely be very strange and exciting.

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