Kane Williamson will manage his Elbow injury for T20 World Cup: T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit Twitter: @savagehearttt

Kane Williamson, who is the captain of the New Zealand team, is completely fine, but his elbow injury is still giving him problems. Due to which he could not participate in the last match of IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad which was with Mumbai Indians. And Kane Williamson has said that he will manage his injury a little for the T20 World Cup.

Kane Williamson, who was injured a year ago, was also suffering from muscle strain. But at this time the problem of muscle strain has been completely corrected. But the problem of elbow injury is still causing him a lot of pain, due to which he is avoiding participation in any kind of international cricket match. For this, he also refused to participate in the final match of IPL T20 2021 franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Williamson said, “Muscle strain was a very minor problem and its progress is very good, but I have a bigger concern. This injury has taken a lot of my time.” Williamson told this to the reporter when he was trying to play in Dubai

Williamson said that, “It is only a matter of days and for this he is training himself and he is not facing any kind of problem. Everything is fine.”

 New Zealand has a cricket match with Pakistan on 26 October, which will start after IPL T20 2021, which is going to end today on 15 October. And after that on 26 October New Zealand and Pakistan will clash with each other.

This match can be very exciting due to the spoils between Pakistan and New Zealand. Kane Williamson will lead the New Zealand cricket team and lead it to the T20 World Cup title, and their first match in the Twenty20 World Cup 2021 will be against Pakistan, which is on 26 October.

Kane Williamson has lost a lot of time due to his elbow injury, and is currently busy preparing himself. Kane Williamson’s muscle strain problem has just gone away. And at this time his elbow injury is giving him problems at this time. He has said that his elbow injury will also be cured soon.

Kane Williamson said that it was very disturbing but when the injury happened it was hurting to a very extreme extent.

The harder I used to hold the bat, the more it hurts me, it has improved a lot in the last 3 months. But still this pain is stopping me from focusing in the match.

The Kane Williamson has told to the reporter that, “The                Elbow injury was so frustrating during the game, but I have to manage it, and I will”.  

Regarding this, Kane Williamson is training himself more so that he does not have to face much problems in the T20 World Cup.