Kevin Pietersen Supports Indian Team: ICC T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit twitter- @KP24

The Indian cricket team has faced a lot of criticism after the loss to the New Zealand team. He received the same criticism even after the defeat of the Pakistan team. After this defeat of the Indian cricket team, there was a lot of abuse, and on this former captain and a great player of England cricket team Kevin Pietersen came out in support of the Indian cricket team, and he said that any cricket team player is a robot.

They are not there, they are having good times and bad times, they need them with us in bad times. With this type of statement, Kevin Pietersen fully supported the Indian cricket team.

Indian cricket team facing a big kind of problem in fortune with their form, resultant that they have lost the match against both Pakistan and New-Zealand continuously & due to this, now the Indian cricket team is almost out of this tournament.

The next match of the Indian cricket team is with Afghanistan, and the Indian cricket team has almost thrown itself out of this tournament by losing its last 2 matches.

The Indian cricket team lost its first match with Pakistan by 10 wickets and lost its second match with New Zealand by 8 wickets.

Due to this, many questions have been raised on Virat Kohli regarding his incompetence.

But in the midst of this strange dilemma, former England cricket team player and former captain Kevin Pietersen wrote a tweet in Hindi language, supporting the Indian cricket team through a tweet. In which he said,

“There is a winner in the game, and there is a loser, no player plays to lose, and does not go out of his country to play to lose. It’s a great pleasure we uphold that we play for our country. Everyone should realize that the people of the game are not robots i.e. they are also players, they need our support all the time.”

When a lot of questions were raised about Jasprit Bumrah of the players of the Indian cricket team and people started criticizing him, then Kevin Pietersen tweeted this, and he tweeted this in support of the Indian cricket team playing in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. has done.

He said that we absolutely need a holiday for some time, we are missing our family, we are traveling for 6 months, we are not able to meet our children.

But when we are in the playground, then these things are coming into our mind, but we ignore all these things, but somewhere these things affect us as well as me. The victory or defeat of the match has a lot of effect on how long you have been living away from your family.

If we talk about BCCI, BCCI has also made every effort to make us feel good, but how much can we expect during this pandemic. We must accept some truth, and with that, we have to take care of our mental state as well.

India will now play Afghanistan, Scotland, and Namibia in their upcoming matches. During the Indian cricket team being led by Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri, they had heavily relied on the result from the New Zealand cricket team as winning that match was the key to going to the semi-finals.