Michael Gough Admitted for 6-day isolation: ICC T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit Twitter- @WisdenCricket

Michael Gough, who is the umpire of the England team, and is currently umpiring in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, was given 6 days of isolation due to protocol breach by breaking the corona protocol and not following the corona protocol. Shipped in.

Michael Gough has no nature to break the rules. But still, many bio bubble players, including the rest of the umpires, support staff and broadcasters, are currently kept in the strict bio bubble due to the coronavirus pandemic in the United Arab Emirates.

The spokesperson of the ICC said that the Bio Acacia Security Advisory Committee has instructed Michael Gough that he will have to Gough to Quarantine for 6 days and Gough into this isolation. Because they have violated the rules related to coronavirus, and broke it.

 41-year-old Michael Go, who is included in the elite club of ICC umpires and is included in the elite panel, was seen in the roster and at that time the match between West Indies and Sri Lanka for the Super 12 was going on, it was said on Thursday.

After Super 12, this ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be prepared for the final match in Dubai on 14 November and after that this tournament will be completed.

Many players and other broadcasters were also shocked due to Michael Go’s violation of the rules, because he is a very experienced and calm umpire.

Discussions of his umpiring began with the England cricket team, and he has had the experience of passing us on for a very long time in England as well.

It is very unfortunate to have this with them but as they have now violated these rules, now they will have to stay in quarantine for 6 days, and follow this isolation.

No one can meet them during isolation, and all things like food and water will be provided to them with utmost precaution.

He will not even be able to meet with his family and after 6 days he will be able to Gough back to the field to officiate.