Lasith Malinga has taken retirement from all forms of cricket

Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga has announced his retirement on Tuesday. Lasith Malinga has done his retirement account in all formats of cricket.

Where Lasith Malinga was considered the diamond of Sri Lanka because Lasith Malinga was known for his toe breaker yorker and this bowler of the Sri Lankan team spoiled the career of a good batsman.

It was not an easy thing to stand in front of Lasith Malinga. That’s why they are considered legends.

The legend of White Boll has done his retirement account at the age of 38. And he had put this message on social media.

Lasith Malinga tweeted that, “He has hanged his T20 shoes, and now he is retiring from all formats of cricket. They think this is the best time. He has thanked all the people who supported him in this cricket journey.

And he has said that he will be very happy to share his experience with new players.

While releasing the video, Lasith Malinga said that he wants to contribute his 100 percent in his remaining T20 matches, but now wants to take some rest in his shoes, his love for the game will never let him rest. Lasith Malinga made this video while smiling.

Lasith Malinga played his last T20 match in 2020 and he played this T20 match against West Indies alone.

Lasith Malinga is such a unique player of the Sri Lankan team, who has taken 546 wickets in all his formats so far, Lasith Malinga had retired from the Test match in 2011 and after that, he also made his distance from the ODI match but Now T20 match he has made his distance and he took his retirement from all formats of cricket.

Along with this, Lasith Malinga’s name is not included in the national squad sent to the UAE during the T20 World Cup.

Lasith Malinga had expressed his desire last year that he would like to lead Sri Lanka for the T20 World Cup.

The T20 World Cup was first of all scheduled in Australia which was scheduled to be played in October-November 20 but due to covid Forcibly postponed.

Giving further information, Lasith Malinga said that he will try to show the right path to the new players in the coming years.

Along with this, he also thanked his IPL franchise team Mumbai Indians, and said that he is very happy to play IPL matches on behalf of his national cricket team.

Malinga has played 122 IPL matches so far in which he has taken 170 wickets. Lasith Malinga has so far taken 107 wickets in 84 T20 International matches. Apart from this, he has taken 338 wickets in 226 ODI matches and has taken 101 wickets in 30 test matches.

When Lasith Malinga took his first 100 wickets, he had come in first place among the fastest 100 wicket takers.

Taking Lasith Malinga’s retirement among Sri Lankan players creates a sad moment, whoever fan of cricket likes Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga is very sad to hear the news of his retirement.

Lasith Malinga has been with Mumbai Indians for 12 years and in 4 out of 5 trophies of IPL, Lasith Malinga has helped Mumbai Indians to win four matches.

Giving information about Lasith Malinga, he said that whatever experience he has gained in the last 17 years, he feels that now he will not need it in the field of play, so he has got his retirement and he has taken his retirement from all formats of the game. He has taken this thing in his YouTube video somewhere on his YouTube channel.

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