Lucknow franchise sold for 7090 Cr & Ahmedabad franchise sold for 5625 Cr: IPL

Image Credit Twitter- @InsideSportIND

In the history of IPL till date, from 2008 to 2021, all the teams in the IPL have not bid as much as these two teams have. Even if we combine all the teams and double them, even then this bid on two teams will be more than that.

Lucknow Franchisee and Ahmedabad Franchise sold for Rs 13600+ Cr Lucknow Franchisee has been bought by RP Sanjeev Goenka Group for 7090 Cr, and private equity firm CVC Capital Partners has bought Ahmedabad Franchise for 5625 Cr.

The BCCI started the bidding program for the inclusion of these two teams in the IPL at 12:30 pm in Dubai, which happens at 11:00 am in India. And in the first 6 hours only the technical analysis of the bid was done, and after that at 6:30 pm, the board saw the financial bid together. Adani Sportsline bid Rs 5100-5100 Cr separately for both the Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises. And on top of this, CVC bid Rs 5625 Cr for Ahmedabad franchise and Rs 5166 Cr for Lucknow franchise.

In RPS G Group, the same main prices were charged for both the Ahmedabad and Lucknow franchise teams, in which they bid Rs 7090 Cr. RP Sanjeev Goenka Group was given an opportunity to choose any one city as the highest bidder. So he chose Lucknow and after that the Ahmedabad franchise team automatically went to CVC.

If we tell you about the bids of all the buyers, then Adani Group made a bid of Rs 5100 Cr for both Ahmedabad and Lucknow.

After this, Kotak Mahindra Group bid 4513 Cr for Ahmedabad and 4512 Cr for Lucknow.

After this, All Cargo Logistics placed a bid of 4140 Cr for Ahmedabad and 4304 Cr for Lucknow.

Avaram Glazer made a bid of 4128 Cr for Ahmedabad and 4023 Cr for Lucknow.

After this, Hindustan Times Media bid 4275 Cr for Ahmedabad and 4510 Cr for Lucknow.

After this, Capri Global made a bid of 4204 Cr for both Ahmedabad-Lucknow.

In the CVC group, bids of Rs 5625 Cr were made for Ahmedabad and Rs 5166 for Lucknow.

After this, RP Sanjeev Goenka Ventures bid Rs 7090 Cr for both Ahmedabad and Lucknow teams.

After this, Torrent Sport made a bid of Rs 4653 Cr for the Ahmedabad franchise team and Rs 4356 Cr for the Lucknow franchise team.

On all these bids, RP Sanjeev Goenka Group and CVC won with their bid and both got a chance to buy one team each.

On this, BCCI secretary Jay Shah said, “As we promised, IPL will become even bigger and greater for its 15th season. We will work to connect IPL teams in India and other places in the coming time. The golden future of IPL has been decided, and IPL will be very big in the coming future, I convey my congratulations to both the teams.”