Marcus Harish Ashes will play the third test match: Justin Langer

Image Credit Twitter- @toisports

Marcus Harris led the Australian cricket team to a spectacular victory between Brisbane and Adelaide. This is a player who bats opening for the Australian cricket team. But for some time he was not able to play due to his health. But this time Justin Langer, who is the Test match coach of the Australia cricket team, has said that Mitchell Starc and Marcus Harish will be seen in the third Test of the Test match this time.

If we look at the performance of Marcus Harris in this tournament, then he is very pathetic. Because he has scored only 38 runs in his last 4 innings. And the way his team yearns for his runs is very strange. It is also true that due to his score, the Australian cricket team has won against England cricket team in the match of Brisbane and Adelaide.

Giving a statement, Justin Langer said, “He will play the Test match. Don’t worry about that.”

Giving a statement, Justin Langer said that this is the home ground of Mark Harris. He has played a lot of matches at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Yes, it is true that the way he should have scored runs, so far he has not been able to score runs like this. But he knows how to play.

Justin Langer said that all we can hope for him and us is that he will play very well. And he will also play a very good partnership with David Warner, who will do very well in the match which is to be held on Boxing Day.

Justin Langer, who is currently the coach of the Australia cricket team, has played 105 Test matches for the Australia cricket team and has also been appointed as the head coach for the same period. And whenever he says something, it is only better for the Australian cricket team and their players.

He said that we will try that we can take our players back to the playground as far as we can, we will try.

It is a very bold claim to present Marcus as an opening batsman in an opening Test match. But Marcus has reached so far that he is a successful Australian opening batsman so far. She has worked very hard and that is why she is here today.

Pat Cummins and other teammates and Josh Hazlewood will also come to join their team on Thursday. Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins missed their second test match, which was played at the Adelaide Ground, in which Australia won by 275 runs.

Pat Cummins has followed all his Kovid-19 related protocols and he would like to close his case of contracting Kovid-19 at this time. And will also take over the reins of the team as captain. But Josh Hazlewood will have to prove that he has become fit to play before joining the team.