Match Prediction: Who will win the 44th match between SRH vs CSK, deep analysis


Today on 30 September 2021, the 44th match of IPL T20 2021 is going to happen. This match will be between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings. For today, we will tell you the tests of this match by doing deep analysis related to it. Who will win this match? For what reason will you win? And what will be the result of today’s match.

So let’s start-

About the match and the location of the match

Today is going to be a very exciting and big match of cricket in the history of IPL. IPL T20 match will be played between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings. The match between these two teams will be played on Thursday 30 September 2021. And this match will be played at Sharjah Stadium in UP, which is located in Sharjah. For today, we will tell you the complete calculated, accurate match prediction related to this, which will make it easier for you to understand this match.

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About Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad made some big changes in their team from their last match itself, and this change is very important. Due to this, Sunrisers Hyderabad was able to win from a huge team like Rajasthan Royals. He gave his senior player a chance to play.

Jason Roy got a chance to play in Sunrisers Hyderabad, due to which he performed very well. But the bowling department also held the match by performing very well and gave only 164 runs in 20 overs.

He bundled out the entire team for 164 runs. If we assess the bowling department of Sunrisers Hyderabad, then Siddharth Kaul became the highest wicket taker. Who took 2 wickets for just 36 runs.

Sandeep Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan all took wickets and Jason Holder and Abhishek Sharma made mistakes in taking wickets. Wickets were not taken from him.

If we look at Sunrisers Hyderabad’s batting order, it shows us that they are trying hard, but runs are not being scored from them. He performed very well in the last match, where he converted 165 runs in just 18.3 overs.

Because Jason Roy, performing very well, scored 60 runs in just 42 balls, for which he hit eight fours and a six. Captain Kane Williamson also gave a very good performance.

He scored 51 runs in 41 balls. For this, he hit 5 fours and a big six. Abhishek Sharma scored 21 runs and Wriddhiman Saha scored 18 runs.

About Chennai Super Kings

This second IPL phase of Chennai Super Kings has gone very well. He has given the best performance in the entire tournament. And the best team remains.

And at present, Chennai Super King is in the first place in the points table. Both the batting and bowling departments of Chennai Super Kings have gone horribly brilliant throughout the tournament itself.

In the entire tournament, no one has had a better bowling department and batting department than Chennai Super King. Due to this, he defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by a very good margin of runs.

If we look at doing a deep analysis, we will come to know that the performance of the bowling department of Chennai Super Kings is of an average type as they let a good score go from their hands and do not stop them from making a big score.

If we talk about the last match itself, then Shardul Thakur has been the best wicket taker, who took two wickets for just 20 runs. Talk about Josh Hazlewood of Chennai Super Kings, a bowler who also took two wickets but gave 40 runs.

Ravindra Jadeja took 1 wicket and Sam Karan, Deepak Chahar these are the bowlers who did not take any wicket. If we talk about the victory of Chennai Super Kings, then they get them on the strength of their batting order.

If we talk about the last match, then he easily chased the score of 172 runs. And now Faf du Plessis was the best run scorer in that match, he scored 42 runs in 30 balls, for which he hit five fours, Rituraj scored 42 runs for which he hit 5 fours.

Rituraj Gaikwad also scored 40 runs and Ravindra Jadeja scored 22 runs in just 8 balls, which is an example of a commendable batting boundary.

Evaluation of matches between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings

If we calculate the matches between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad till date, then we will know that Chennai Super Kings has played 16 matches with Hyderabad out of which Sunrisers Hyderabad has won 4 matches and Chennai Super Kings has 12 matches. live.

Performance of both the teams during last 5 matches

If we judge the performance of both on the basis of the last 5 matches, then we will know that Chennai Super Kings have won four matches and lost one match in their last 5 matches.

The exact opposite has happened with Sunrisers Hyderabad where they have won one match out of their last five matches and lost four matches.

Today’s match prediction

If we tell you the prediction of today’s match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad, then according to us,

  • Chennai Super King will be very capable of winning the match and he will win this match.
  • According to the prediction of today’s match, there are many reasons behind Chennai Super Kings.
  • Chennai Super Kings is the best performing team in this tournament till date.
  • The batting order of Chennai Super Kings is a lot of experience and Chennai Super Kings have won almost all the matches against Sunrisers Hyderabad.
  • Chennai Super Kings have defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad many times in this tournament.

If we tell you the test and winning chances of today match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad, then Chennai Super Kings have 60% chances to win this match and Sunrisers Hyderabad have 40% chances to win this match.