Sunil Gavaskar wants Rohit Sharma to replace Virat Kohli as India’s T20 skipper

Rohit sharma

Sunil Gavaskar, which is a Legendary Indian cricket player, he has suggested a player’s name as captain, after discarding captaincy from Virat Kohli’s T20 World Cup, which he considers the best captain at his level. Sunil Gavaskar has suggested Rohit Sharma’s name a for the next two T20 World Cup.

BCCI has not yet announced the captain of the Indian Cricket Team after Virat Kohli. But Virat Kohli has announced that he will not be able to captain India for the smallest format of cricket, which will be played from October to Oman in UAE to November.

Above, Sunil Gavaskar gave his statement that he feels that there will be no choice of good captain from Rohit Sharma for the Indian cricket team. Rohit Sharma is currently a vice captain for the game of balls in India. And according to Sunil Gavaskar, he has the ability to take takeover to Kohli.

According to Sunil Gavaskar, Rohit Sharma should take responsibility for the captaincy for the T20 World Cup, and he should stay almost for the next two years. According to Sneil Gavaskar Rohit Sharma to the next two T20 World Cup captain of the Indian cricket team should remain.

Sunil Gavaskar said that, “I think Rohit Sharma should take the responsibility of a captain for next two T20 World Cups. This Sunil Gavaskar said during a discussion regarding the next match on at Star Sports.

India were going to host the World Cup for this time but the World Cup has shifted to UAE and Oman. It have been shifted due to the Situation of COVID-19 in Indian territory.

2020 or edition of the World Cup was going to be in Australia but due to the Global pandemic of COVID-19, It has been cancelled and now she will be played next year.

Sunil Gavaskar said that, “as we know and we can say that many World Cups are coming together. If we are a world cup in this month, then the next World Cup will be just 1 year later form now, and for this reason we can not afford to constantly change the captains.

That is why Rohit Sharma is my first choice as an Indian cricket captain, and I want Rohit Sharma as captain of Indian cricket team for next two T20 World Cup.

If you talk about the captaincy of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma is the best captain to the history of IPL till today. And in his captaincy, Mumbai Indians have their name 5 trophies in the history of IPL.

If you talk about Virat Kohli, then all the formats of cricket can be considered as the best captain, but they will not participate in the T20 World Cup as a captain.

Virat Kohli has performed very well as the smallest formate of T20 World Cup Cricket, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bengaluru team several times, but it would also be recognize that Virat Kohli is the best captain of the Indian cricket team till now and also for the Royal challengers Bangalore despite he has failed to name even one winning trophy for RCB.