Mitchell Marsh’s is in best form, may get 3rd position to play : ICC T20 World Cup 2021

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Mitchell Marsh did a great job for West Indies in the matches played against Bangladesh. And due to this, he has been placed in the third place in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. And with this, he has also been placed in third place for the Ashes Test series to be played in Australia. His coming in third place will put a huge burden on Steven Smith.

Mitchell Marsh was a standout batting star in all the tours of Australia at the moment. And in the 10 matches he has played so far, he has scored big scores of 375 runs.

Along with this, he also placed himself at number two for the Caribbean Test series. And with Australia, the host players preferred Mitchell Marsh over Steven Smith.

Australia also liked Steven Smith for tours, he wanted Steve Smith to go to Australia as soon as possible for the Ashes Test series and apart from this David Warner, Glenn Maxwell and Marcus Stoinis have also expressed their availability.

If we talk about Royal Challengers Bangalore, Maxwell of IPL has made very good returns, and he created a very strong environment while batting at the crease.

And playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in fourth place and what could mean that Steve Smith plays in place of Mitchell Marsh in the upcoming Australia Test series.

But Mitchell Marsh is also doing very well and that will make a big difference to Steven Smith’s order.

Currently, Steven Smith is playing at the fourth position at Royal Challengers Bangalore and he has completely missed the last three T20 series with Australia. And that’s why he has gone to the middle order and can go down. Steven Smith can be seen rolling downwards even further.

Talking about Steve Smith, he has batted at number four or batted less than number four in only two T20 matches since 2011.

Giving further information in Mitchell Marsh, he said, “I want to say and dare to say that if I play in this tournament then I will definitely be fixed at number three. And the beauty of our bubble squad is that we can play anywhere between 3 to 6 or 3 to 7 points.

And we only care about the game, it doesn’t matter much if the place comes up or down. Because we have to contribute for our team, and if we go up and down the order in any way, then only the circumstances that arise will be held responsible for it.

Many players like to come forward and play freely. I also like to come forward and play. Steven Smith also likes to come forward and play. I want to be on top but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick to changing my position when the time comes.

If I feel that who is playing better in my place, then I will try to change the position below or above by leaving this position on my own.

Further Mitchell Marsh has said that I have also seen people like Marcus Stoinis, who use the mineral absolutely miraculously. And these people like to play on the back foot at deep mid-wicket.

And while staying on the backfoot, he likes to hit six more. What is the matter; he plays such long and big shots. And when you start playing, you get a lot of dirt in your area, we know by looking down that we are going to get a lot of spin inside.

The Mitchell Marsh has mentioned that he has no intention to move the Smith because he is the beast and right now he is not only training for the Squad but also he will be available soon for ICC T20 World Cup 2021.