Mithali Raj going to set a new world record succeeding the old one: ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup

As we know, the Indian Women’s cricket team is participating in the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 at present.

Mithali Raj is the captain of the Indian cricket team today, that is, Mithali Raj has captained the Indian cricket team in the matches played in the World Cup. But on 12 March 2022, Mithali Raj is going to make a new record, where Mithali Raj will be the first woman cricket captain in the world, who will have played the most number of World Cup matches as captain, and She has captained her team most of the World Cup matches that she played.

Belinda Clarke has played the most number of World Cup matches as a captain till now. This record is in the name of Australian cricket team captain Belinda Clark, who has played 23 such matches so far in which Belinda Clark has captained the Australia women’s cricket team. Although Mithali Raj has currently equaled Belinda Clark by playing 23 World Cup matches, out of which she has won 14 matches, lost 8 matches and no result was found in one.

But on March 12, 2022, the Indian cricket team is going to have a match with the West Indies women’s cricket team, in which Mithali Raj will captain the Indian cricket team, and will play the match against West Indies as a captain.

In doing so, Mithali Raj will be the captain of the Indian cricket team and the first women’s cricket team in the whole world, who has played the most matches of the World Cup as a captain.

In this ongoing tournament, India has lost its last match, but in this match to be held tomorrow, the Indian cricket team will move ahead keeping the spirit of victory.

Today, ICC Women’s Cricket Team World Cup is going on in which many teams have participated, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, India, England, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

The team that lost the most matches in the entire tournament is named Pakistan Cricket Team and the team that won the most matches is named Australia Women Cricket Team, New Zealand Cricket Team, South Africa Cricket Team, and West Indies Cricket Team. All of them have won 2-2 matches.

Pakistan women’s cricket team has lost three matches, won one match, although both the England cricket team and Bangladesh women’s cricket team have lost both their last matches.

Today’s 8 teams are included in this point table of this tournament, in which today’s Australia cricket team is at the highest, and Pakistan cricket team is at the bottom.

But in this tournament, Mithali Raj is going to make a new record which will be difficult to be broken by many women cricketers to come, where Mithali Raj will be listed in the list of Indian women’s cricket team who has been played 24 matches of World Cup as captain, and She will succeed Belinda Clark for this new record.