Mohammed Shami got abused after defeat by Pakistan: T20 World Cup 2021

Image Credit Twitter- @MdShami11

In a game that was being held between India and Pakistan, the Indian cricket team lost and the Pakistan cricket team won. Meanwhile, Indian cricket players are facing a very bad reaction, where every player is being abused online.

Meanwhile, Indian team player and fast bowler Mohammed Shami has had to face the most abuses.

Some people believe that one of the reasons for his abuse is that he is a Muslim and atrocities against Muslims are increasing in India. There have also been reports of attacks on the Muslim population due to the victory of Pakistan in some places.

The Indian cricket team has faced a 10-wicket defeat against the Pakistan cricket team, and Indians are expressing a lot of displeasure over this.

In the middle of India vs Pakistan cricket match, some violence has been seen at many places because there are many reasons behind it.

The relations between India and Pakistan are not normal at all, there has been a war between India and Pakistan 3 times and since the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan has attacked India 3 times and fought with India thrice.

But in the meantime, people made Mohammed Shami their target and one of the reasons for this was that Mohammed Shami had bowled the worst of all the players. Mohammed Shami conceded 41 runs in four overs and this was the most runs given by a bowler.

It just had to happen and hundreds of thousands of people started abusing Mohammed Shami’s Instagram account, & also started calling him traitor.

On this, many political celebrities asked the public to keep calm and asked not to abuse the players of the Indian cricket team.

Supporting the movement of “Black Lives Matters” even before the start of the match, the players of the Indian cricket team got down on their knees and respected this movement.

Kashmiri leader Omar Abdullah has requested the cricket team on Twitter to stand in support of Mohammed Shami and if they cannot do so, their knee-jerk reaction to Black Lives Matters will be just a gimmick, as they Can’t stand in support for their own player.

Before this tweet by the Kashmiri leader, when the match between India and Pakistan was going on and India was about to lose, at that time firecrackers were seen burning in support of Pakistan in many Kashmiri places, and there the Muslim population in support of Pakistan. Light firecrackers and celebrate.

Meanwhile, Virender Sehwag said that such an online attack on Mohammed Shami is very worrying, and it is unfortunate.

He is a champion and every player who wears the cap of the Indian cricket team, he holds more India in his heart than any other online crowd. Shami I am with you. Show your talent in the next match.

After this, Gautam Gambhir tweeted about the firecrackers being fired in Kashmir and about the news of bursting of firecrackers in some areas of Delhi, saying that even those who win over the Pakistan cricket team, India is burning firecrackers.

Those people cannot be Indians. We stand with our cricket team.

Apart from this, Irfan Pathan also tweeted saying that, I have also been a part of India vs Pakistan cricket match and I have also played many matches. We have lost too. But we have never seen this type of demonstration till today, and we have never been told that we should go to Pakistan. This silliness should end soon.

Harbhajan Singh also tweeted that “Mohammed Shami I love you” and Yuzvendra Chahal also tweeted that, “Mohammed Shami Bhaiya I am proud of you”.