New Zealand skip Pakistan cricket series due to security reasons

New Zealand Cricket launched that Pakistan is skipping the cricket series due to security reasons. And a few minutes later, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) issued an official statement saying that this decision was a unilateral decision. Under which he made 4 tweets and told all the things in which PCB said and assured that Pakistan cricket series will be started with New Zealand match.

And there will be no danger of any kind to their players. New Zealand’s T20 and ODI series were to be held with Pakistan. But New Zealand unilaterally refused it due to security reasons and after this official statement came to the PCB office that both New Zealand and Pakistan mutually agreed to postpone the Pakistan cricket series score indefinitely.

After the statement of the New Zealand Cricket Board, the Pakistan Cricket Board made 4 consecutive tweets in which they said that

Yesterday, the New Zealand Cricket Board announced that they feared there might be a security breach in the middle of the game and were leaving the country from Pakistan Cricket for security reasons, but it was a unilateral decision. And the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Government assure the New Zealand Cricket Board that the Government of Pakistan has made very strict and foolproof security arrangements.

While tweeting further, the Pakistan Cricket Board said that they have told this to the New Zealand Cricket Board. Prime Minister of Pakistan i.e. Imran Khan has talked to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and informed him and assured him that his players will not face any security breach.

We have the world’s best There is a good intelligence system that is why we do not have any security threat in any way in the world and there will be no threat to the New Zealand cricket team either.

 In its tweet, the Pakistan Cricket Board said that the officials of the New Zealand cricket team have agreed that Pakistan has made good and strict security arrangements and is very happy with the arrangements for the official security of the New Zealand team, which the government of Pakistan has made.

The Pakistan Cricket Board said in 64 bit that the Pakistan Cricket Board would like to start the match again at the time of the scheduled match with New Zealand, but it may not be so. Payega and the people living in Pakistan who love cricket are very shocked to hear this news because that trade New Zealand withdrew at the last moment.

Below the people of Pakistani people said and asked that if New Zealand has withdrawn in the last minute then how can the decision of video call be unilateral.

Having a cricket background, Pakistan Cricket Board’s parent body i.e. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself also talked to the Prime Minister of New Zealand about the security arrangements and assured him that the New Zealand cricket team would be safe in Pakistan.

 New Zealand was giving Pakistan a chance to play with them for the first time, this was going to happen for the first time in 18 years. In which New Zealand along with Pakistan team One Day International and 5 T20 matches were being played inside Rawalpindi and Lahore.

But only 1 hour ago when the PCB’s announcement was made, the New Zealand team refused to go to the Rawalpindi Stadium. Where the One Day International (ODI) match was to be held and he attributed this to security breaches.

New Zealand Cricket Board Chief Executive David White said in a statement that it will not be possible for us to play any game with Pakistan at the moment because we have this advice coming from the government.